Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to Reality

Our holiday is over.....
Our gorgeous accommodation, Blanc Palissade in Bendigo.
We can't wait to go back next year.
And I am back to my sewing.
For Hugo, as it is his turn on the rota.
The Thread Theory Finlayson sweater.
A very neat and tidy grown up hooded top.
Hugo's measurements put him in the small ( it goes down to extra-small). Like most teenagers, he loves grey marl and I picked up some really nice stuff from Eliza's fabric store, unbrushed, extra-wide and very very cheap.
I had cut this out before we went on hols (and when I was extremely tired) and I cut both the cowl neck and the hood. You use one or the other.
I didn't realise this until I started to sew it up, I had been wondering how it all worked.....
I was concerned Hugo may find the cowl neck a bit 'Grandpa-ish'

He prefers the hood but quite likes the cowl too.
I used matching ribbing for the cowl neck, cuffs and waist band.
And some very cute wren printed cotton webbing to finish off the neck seam.
I knew Hugo really wanted the hooded version.
So I made him another.
Same unbrushed cotton fleece but this time I used the main fabric for the wrist cuffs and hem band.
I will let you know how it wears.
A little custom stencilling at the back.
And again, a beautiful neck finish.
The front pocket has cotton webbing reinforced openings.
The nitty-gritty, Kitty......

Awesome pattern, AWESOME.
$11 for the PDF and $20+p&h for the tissue.
I cannot express in words how much I loathe 'hoodies'. Hugo has one from school ( a year 12 'thing') and every time I wash it I poke a pantyhose in the front pocket. He finally asked me why and I explained it was to make it easier to disguise his face when pulling a job.
But I really like this one.
It is just as the pattern description states, it is a socially acceptable hoodie (I hate even typing that word).

A well put together PDF. It does make a big sheet but I prefer the paper then tissue for tracing off. I fold mine, in a concertina fashion, and it fits nicely in a large ziplock bag.

Hugo measured in between the extra-small and small so we went with the larger size. As a jumper it works great, as a tee I would size back.

My only detours from the instructions was to press the shoulder seam to the front (evened out the bulky seams better IMO) and I pressed the waistband up and top stitched.

I did baste the neck cowl and hood in place and then stitched in in sections and had to do a little unpicking to remove tucks.
Well worth it for the professional finish.

I really like these patterns. The instructions look brief but they are not, they are just not fluffy. I appreciate the attention to detail, your garment does not look home sewn.
Teenagers like that.

I think this sweater would work equally well in a textured knit, as a more elegant sweater for an older gent.
Father's Day perhaps?

Thanks for popping in!

xx N

PS Next up Jedediah trousers again.


  1. I love the pantyhose anecdote! Hilarious. And the sweaters are wonderful. I have been eyeing this pattern for quite some time ( I like the grandpa version, myself). I would love my husband in it

    1. I just got an eye roll Masha.

      It is such a nice pattern, they all are. I think we have found our mens sewing style. I did read on their blog that they are looking at a button down shirt too....

      Thank you xx N

  2. Fabulous, both of them! I kind of 'get' your hoodie aversion but I think of them rather more fondly as snuggly. But hoods should stay down unless it's genuinely cold! Or maybe if you're under 10 years and the hood has ears on it :)

    1. I can understand 'cuddly' with this pattern Jane. I know I am a cranky old woman but there seems to be an 'attitude' that comes with the wearing. Lovely young people become round shouldered and mumbling ;)
      I did pull Hugo's on when I went to get the eggs and it was nice and warm. The Twins showed me a Lekala pattern for a women one so I may be converted yet!
      Thank you xx N

  3. Your son is really lucky for you making such wonderful garments! :)

  4. excellent hoodie and sweater! My son lives in them all school year. I'll have to check out this pattern. thanks!

    1. It is a very polished pattern Kristin. I can see Hugo living in them too.
      xx N

  5. That's so funny that you hate hoodies - I love them and wear them all the time! I'm getting inspired by you to sew for my 21 year old. I think he's probably about the same size as Hugo. I picked up a couple of Kwik Sew patterns and may try those our before taking the plunge into the Thread Theory. Do you just stitch the twill tape over the neck seam? I'm assuming just on the back and not the front? It's such a nice/professional finish.

    1. The Twins are adamant I make one for myself Janice, they think they will convert me.
      KwikSew are good too, they cut their neck bindings a bit too skimpy for my liking but otherwise, very nice.
      The webbing is stitched to the seam allowance and then flipped and the bottom stitched down, thus only one row of stitching visible at the back.

      Thank you!
      xx N

  6. Both versions look fantastic on him! You've always got such clever ideas for placing that "Eglington"...I have to remember to embellish more. :)

  7. Thank you Susanne.
    A lot of AUS sportswear has 'labelling' anything to get them to wear it.
    xx N

  8. It's absolutely fabulous on him! (and I'm not a huge fan of hoodies as well, but teenagers love them).
    One day, I will give these patterns a try - your versions are so inspiring :)

    1. Thank you Ana Sofia. They do love them, don't they? Sigh.....
      Try them, they are awesome patterns.
      xx N

  9. Love the pantyhose joke. This is such a stylish hoodie and hopefully he wont be holding up any petrol stations in the near future

  10. It was so funny Jenn, he thought they were just getting caught in there in the wash.
    I HOPE he doesn't pull any hold ups.....
    xx N