Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CityGym CountryGirl

My Twins lurve their PurlSoho CityGym shorts.
And there are many more that I never managed to photograph.
Such a great pattern and it is free!
I sewed this pair up in a pretty, speckled crepe-like fabric that Elsa purchased on our Melbourne fabric shopping trip.
In retrospect I should have sized up using such a delicate fabric.
They are a wee bit firm but as we are coming into Netball season they will not be for long.
The binding was a bit fiddly as the fabric did not want to hold a crease. I ended up pressing and then laying my big Atlas on top of the binding over night.
It is such a nice pattern.
Short enough to satisfy the girls criteria with enough derriere coverage to satisfy mine.
Such a neat, casual look.
~Elsa's Verdict~
I like the fabric, it works with pretty well everything in my wardrobe. I like this pattern, it is casual but I can dress it up with a more formal top.
Next time I have these made in a floaty fabric I will get Mum to size up so they are a bit more floppy.

Thanks for popping by and reading.

xx Nicole 


  1. They look great on her. I also am really enjoying reading your "clients'" opinions of the clothing you sew :)

  2. Thank you Masha.
    It is a great pattern, you should have a look.

    The 'client opinions' are good for me too as I often forget their initial response when I revisit the pattern.
    xx N

  3. Thank you Colette.
    These shorts are all the rage at Surf Shops but they are pricey, often poorly made and all the ones I have seen are definitely not Made in AUS.
    So happy they will wear mine.
    xx N

  4. I agree on sizing up. Surf shop pricey meets well made won't fall apart after two wears, mum sewn with love clothing! Because you are obviously gifted with the sewing machine, your girls get the benefit of "surf shop" shorts that are great quality. That in itself would make them worth wearing!

  5. Love the shorts out of that fabric! I've had this pattern printed out since it was first released but still have not made a pair. Perhaps this summer!

  6. Do it Cindy, so quick!
    I prep my binding and waistband first and then zoom through them.
    Thank you!
    xx N

  7. They look great - I love the idea of a 'floppier' pair made in something floaty.

  8. Thank you Catherine, the next size up is perfectly 'floppy'.
    xx N

  9. beautiful fabric and shorts! It is so nice to see summer wear when our winter is almost over ;-) I grabbed the download of this the last time you made them because I loved them, but haven't made them up yet. I think they need to be bumped up in my que :D

  10. Do make them Kristin, I am going to make some for me!

    I love the change over of seasons in my blog reading, especially snow, I cannot get enough of snow.
    Thank you, as always, for leaving such lovely comments.
    xx N