Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Half of a Canadian Tuxedo...

So, I am doing this capsule wardrobe thang!
And I needed a denim shirt.
Image from Witchery website
I really like this one, I saw on Witchery.
Sadly, no longer available 
I really like the mannish style with the front pockets and sleeve straps.
After trying on Hugo's shirt I determined, apart from the sleeve length, it was perfect!
Who knew I had such a masculine physique?
I used some soft denim from my Magic Pudding roll of cloth, top stitched in copper thread and with reversed MoP buttons.
(I didn't fancy the metal press studs on the inspiration shirt)
The back yoke is nice and high, it works well for my narrow shoulders and the shaping works well for my thicker waist and  hips.
The fact that you can roll up and button the sleeve is not that noticeable.
Which I like.
But it looks very groovy and IS totally practical for a mum that has her hands in water, on and off, all day!
I just love the sleeve placket.
How lucky is this fit? I am definitely checking out more mens shirts patterns.

I love that it fits my shoulders.
There is some back puddling but as it is just a casual shirt I don't really mind.
I am thinking about side vents for the next one.
And maybe pocket flaps?
~My Verdict~
It is crazy how often I have worn this shirt. Being a light denim it is warm but breathes so I don't get hot.
It is long enough I can wear it over leggings as it covers my backside.
I can hang it up and air it and get another days wear, no problems.
(I am embracing the apron when cooking and cleaning and my clothes are staying much cleaner. Less washing means clothes last longer and better for the environment)

I have worn it under cardy's and worn it undone, over a singlet, as a light jacket.
I have worn it so much I am seriously considering making another in pale denim.
What do you think?

Thanks for popping by...

xx N



  1. Wonderful. Love it, love the Magic Pudding ( but you might want to explain that to all non Australians .. Or they could google it ), love that you are posting again. Love a bit of denim love ( fingers crossed for Hugo ). P.s . I'm now wondering what family name I could use for my name tapes ... Who wove yours for you ( if you don't mind me asking )

    1. Thank you!
      (I went back and made the quote a hyper link to the synopsis).
      Thank you for missing me, I am hard at work sewing formal dresses for the Twins.
      All will be revealed soon.

      I use Cash's name labels. You can order online but I rang in and they did a massive order for me and made it quite a bit cheaper.
      xx N

      PS Hugo is definitely in the queue for a denim shirt too!

  2. Nicole, it looks so good on you! I can definitely see why you would reach for it regularly. (Re: cooking, I am also a recent apron convert and it really does help extend the time between washings! - I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out).

    1. I know Masha, our Mums were right, wear a pinny!

      I thought I make some simple denim ones and I think a need a pocket in the front.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  3. The shirt looks great. You look great too!

  4. Thank you Deb, you are kind.
    xx N

  5. It's great, Nicole and you look great! So youthful and radiant! Your sewing always amazes me!

    1. Thank you Rachel.
      Having so many girls means lots of lovely hand-me-downs so I have to dip my toe into adult sewing so I don't over indulge them. (Major eye roll from the Twins).
      As for your lovely comments on my appearance, you are kind. I always feel the same about you!

      Constant tiredness must be good for the skin ;)
      xx N

  6. Brilliant! Who'd have thought that would be your perfect pattern? I like yours better than the inspiration shirt.
    I'm an apron-wearer too, and isn't less washing better in so many ways? It's one of the reasons I love denim, it seems to repel dirt, so even though I think it's not that great environmentally to produce, in the long term it probably more than makes up for that.

    1. Thank you Jane. I am wondering if I *should* fix the back but it honestly doesn't bother me.
      I am blown away by how much cleaner I stay wearing an apron. I accidentally left it on all day once and even sewing was easier as I had no clothing bunching up and getting in the way.
      I favour the BBQ style, I think I may make a few from mu endless denim.
      Liesl (from O+S) posted an article a few months back on NOT washing your jeans. At first I though 'Bullsh*t' but when I really though about it, unless it is animal pooh or dairy based food splashes that will get rank, most of the time a good air will suffice.
      I am totally embracing it.
      Thank you for your comments.
      xx N

  7. You are truly the Queen of the Shirts - as the lucky owner of a House of Nicole denim shirt I am blown away by your impeccable sewing.
    And Deb's right - you look fabulous!

  8. You do flatter me Justine, thank you.
    I love sewing shirts, I just need to find the perfect one... none of them have all the details I want!
    Thank you lovely, I hope the shirt is useful.
    xx N

  9. That shirt fits you so well!! You should definitely make another one :) Your capsule wardrobe plan looks fun! I can't wait to see all you make

    1. Thank you Kristin.
      I am nearly done with my sewing and the Capsule Wardrobe works so well for me.
      Jed was worried I would get bored but as I am so busy and have so many others to sew for, I can't see that happening.
      PS I did buy the light denim, it had a flaw so the lovely girl gave it to me a remnant price.
      xx N

  10. Gosh! Late to the party only reading this now (roll eyes) One thing is for sure Nicole, denim suits you and you suit denim. Love the shirt. Love the jeans. Sew another top it will be so worth it. I am about to sew one myself (tencel was on special) - we share some clothing tastes I fear (again roll eyes). It's just a handy "mummy uniform" and I know you will remember to take the pinny off when doing a school run (wink).

  11. Thank you for you comment.
    xx Nicole

  12. Basics that make you look smart no matter what you are doing are the best ones to make. I need a plain chambray shirt myself and now I have worked out the Traveler pattern I may order myself some new fabric.
    I am a big believer in the apron. I still have mine from catering college days. They keep you clean from the food and the food clean from you!

    1. Don't order that fabric!!!
      I can send you some, will be in touch.
      Thank you.
      xx N