Friday, October 7, 2016


My gorgeous sewing gal-pal Lotta,
sent me some totes cute fabric.
1/2 metre of the softest, interlock cotton I have ever felt.
It made City Weekend feel like emery board.
I made a School Bus tee.
Size 4 with the length of a 7.
I added a few inches to the sleeve and a solid inch to the neckband.
Who wouldn't want a hundreds and thousands tee-shirt?
Super stretchy so it will fit for a long time.
~Matilda's Verdict~
It is very comfy and fun.
It is perfect for bike riding. I love the sprinkles. I feel very special and spoilt that Lotta sent me the fabric all the way from Sweden.
I have drawn her a picture and posted a thank you.

There was enough left for a pair of legging.
A pair of Playtime leggings.
Lolly legs!
~Beatrix's Verdict~
Trixie likes them a lot. She keeps licking her lips and saying 'Yummy'.
She was most upset when she wee-ed in them and I made her take them off.

Thank you Lotta, for the lovely fabric (not to mention the gorgeous enamel sign that is going on my sewing room door) and for your friendship.
I hope it will continue for many, many years.

xx N


  1. You got all that from just half a meter! That's fantastic!
    How kind of Lotta, she is a sweetheart.

    1. Yes, I was pretty pleased to get two things and the teddies were rocking some groovy head scarves too.
      ALL my sewing friends are sweethearts!
      Thank you.
      xx N

  2. They are growing up! No more nappies for Trixie?! Big girl un-dies under the adorable leggings? Time goes by too fast! The shirt is precious on Tilly. I like it with the black pants you made but it will go with any solid color. Well done!

    1. Oh no, still very much in nappies. I am in no hurry to lose my baby just yet.
      The fabric is just gorgeous and Tilly was quite over whelmed that someone from 'way over there' thought of her.
      Thank you!
      xx N

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  4. Sprinkles sewing!!! Love it! Haha. + a chubby legged bendy baby - all 'round win!

  5. Supercute! once you've felt those high quality Euro knits there's no going back! Do whatever it takes to keep those supply lines open! :)
    (and I'm binge blog reading tonight in case you hadn't noticed!)

  6. They are, so so soft.
    Tilly was pretty happy to get the stamps too.
    PS I tend to binge blog too.
    xx N