Tuesday, May 16, 2017

After School Pants

Another piece for Liddy's capsule.
Oliver+S After School pants
Liddy found these on Witchery and requested something similar.
We used the size 12, no mods to the pattern except adding a ribbing cuff to the hem.
The cloth is a linen look poly/cotton and I top stitched all the seams.
The faux tie is a shoe lace, I picked up a bundle from a $2 shop.
They fit well.
Liddy is very slight, too slim for women's trousers patterns yet, I am so glad these work.
I have a pair planned in navy blue rugby knit, for school. 
Mental note, shop for navy shoes laces.
~Lidia's Verdict~
These trousers are so perfectly fitting and I love the draw string on the waistband and I think it looks perfect with my pink frilly top. 
I love the colour and they will work perfectly with my wardrobe.
I originally found these trousers on Witchery and mum was so clever to make something just like them.
 I love them.

Lidia's blouse is McCalls 7334 , her trousers are After School pants and her boots from Emu (wait for the sales)

xx N


  1. you can tell how sweet she is in her comment at the end. The pants are a perfect fit!

    1. Masha, she is such a delight to sew for. Very honest but very grateful too.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. She is slender but she's also getting to be quite tall and leggy! These trousers are the perfect casual lounge or work wear! Well done! Always fun to see Oliver + S patterns on older kids!

  3. She has legs forever Inder.
    Zara jokes that she will be flipping burgers to get through Uni and Liddy will swan off and do a modelling gig.
    I made Tilly a denim pair and she pulls them out all the time, I think they like the ribbing cuff.
    Thank you!