Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Forget-me-not Jewellery Pouch

Hugo asked me if I had a little something in my present drawer  for his Peer Mentor at university.
She has been very supportive and a great sounding board for him.
I didn't but offered to sew him a Forget-me-not pouch.
Zara very kindly chose the fabric for me, ice blue and silver vintage Thai silk and some baby blue velvet ribbon.
Forget-me-not pouch
Now crafts are definitely not my thing but I knew a Liesl Gibson pattern would be a winner.
The little pockets that stop your jewellery getting tangled up just bump it up the clever ladder.
There is a wee circle of batting, sewn into the layers, which enables it to sit nicely and not flop over.
The only variation I made from the instructions is to neaten the seam where to two edges join, with a narrow zigzag (you can see a peep of raw edge and I was concerned the delicate fabric may fray)
~My Verdict~
I don't do craft I don't do craft but, I really enjoyed sewing this.
I had the pattern drafted already from here and here so it was a pretty quick sew too.
Two hours from cutting to finished. 
I think I will turn to this pattern a lot more now I have actually timed myself as I know I can make one in the evening.
Lots of clever Liesl tips (including one that gives you perfect petals).
It's a winner.
(However, a bit more warning would be appreciated next time Beamish)

I hope she likes it.

xx N


  1. It's good to know that it is a quick sew - I assumed it would be fiddly. Very elegant in the fabrics Zara chose.

    1. It is fiddly but not too fiddly, does that make sense?
      Pleasantly fiddly.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. She'll like it. It's pretty and useful.

    1. Thank you!
      Hugo said she was so pleased with it.
      xx N