Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lekala #7154 Hooded Jacket

I love sewing for Zara!
She is so enthusiastic and gets really involved in all the details.

She has been wanting a nude hooded jacket f o r e v e r.
Nude unbrushed cotton fleece, have you ever tried to find nude unbrushed fleece?
I googled my little fingers off to no avail.

Then, around Mothers Day, Spotlight had a 40% off fabric, storewide.

Trixie was poorly and wanted to feed all the time so I cruised through the whole website.
Spotlight online is a really crappy website. It is clunky and has a horrid search function.
I found this fabric , washed unbleached coral fleece with the co ordinating ribbing.
Zara loved the colour so we gave it a go.
One nude hooded jacket.
Once again, we returned to Lekala and Zara chose this unisex jacket.
Lekala patterns are custom made, to your body measurements.
Lekala instructions are pretty brief at the best of times, this patterns were pretty much non-existent but I got there.
It sits just on her hips, I felt it could have done with a ribbing waist band but, noooo, she wanted it that way.
I am surprised how much I like it.
The drop shoulder drapes elegantly and the colour is quite sophisticated.
Zara didn't want the cord at the neck, she preferred a clean look.
I have repeat orders for a black, grey and white version, for University next year.
~Zara's Verdict~
This jumper is exactly what I had in mind, from the colour and feel of the fabric to the pattern. It`s absolutely perfect. Thankyou so, so much mum. It is extremely comfortable but still looks dressy. Next a white one please mum : D

Thanks for reading...
xx N


  1. I'm with you on the Spotlight website. It's really hard to browse! Sometimes I just want to look through what patterns they have available but it's nearly impossible.

    1. It is the worst!
      The search engine is terrible, I had looked so many times for this fabric. not even by colour, by unbrushed fleece and it never came up!

  2. I have 2 Lekala patterns in my stash that I haven't sewn up yet but I couldn't help notice that the instructions were noticeably skimpy which is why they're still sitting somewhere at the bottom of one of my stash boxes! I love your daughter's hoodie - the colour is nice!

    1. I feel a bit mean bagging them out Kathleen, to be fair, all the bones are there and once you understand you think 'Ahhh, that is what they mean'
      Thank you!
      xx N

  3. I agree about the Spotlight search function too - it doesn't search terms in combination, just brings up anything with any of your words in it! Great hoodie (well done Mum ;o)

    1. Thank you!
      It is a stupid website, you would think they would work on it.
      xx N

  4. It looks so comfy! Joann's website here in the U.S. isn't great either; very hard to just browse.

    1. Yes, but you get better coupons in Jonann's...
      Thank you Masha.
      xx N