Thursday, November 23, 2017

(Another) Style Arc Lauren Boyfriend Shirt

I made myself another shirt
This boyfriend style shirt is a wearable example of the new trend in shirts. Sleeve interest is such an important part of the current trends and this shirt has a longer than usual cuff with the buttoning at the front. Roll the sleeves up to give an easy, casual look, great over jeans or a pair of slouchy pants. The men's style shirt tails makes this a perfect over shirt.
I used some pretty Japanese lawn from Spotlight
And this time I added side vents.
I think the softer fabric works better in this pattern.
worn with Vado custom fit jeans
This shirt is deliciously cool to wear.
It fits very nicely into my capsule wardrobe.
~My Verdict~
Very pleased.
My bust measurement put me in the size 10 and I didn't worry about a FBA. I took the chance that would be enough ease and Elsa was happy to take it if it was too small.
I do like Style Arc, it is only my second Style Arc sew but I am a convert.
Not instruction heavy but that is okay with me. The paper pattern are only one size but if you purchase a PDF version it comes with three.
My only real grumble is the ink runs if you press the pattern. I am a pretty pedantic presser and this caused some issues.

I didn't set in my sleeves after sewing the side seams, no need, they go in nicely flat.
I did interface the cuff as I like to roll it and it stays nice and smooth with that added body.

I am now tossing up between a white or pale blue linen version...
Any thoughts?
Blue would get a second wear before laundering...

Thanks for reading.
xx N


  1. So nice with those jeans! I think you should make both the whole and the blue - I'd get a lot of wear out of these!

    1. Thank you Masha. I think I will.
      Elsa has commandeered my gingham version so three shirts will not be too much.
      xx N

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting :) -Amelia

  3. Looks lovely and cool. I'm on my summer shirt making kick, about to finish my 2nd in two weeks and another to cut out this weekend!

    1. I love sewing shirts, good luck with yours!
      It is cool to wear and Elsa fist the same size so we share.
      Thank you
      xx N