Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lekala #5204 #5638 for Zara

Zara asked me to sew her a new outfit for the first day back at Uni.
Super cute, isn't it?
You won't believe the pattern she chose...
Lekala #5204 which is designed for a sequinned fabric.
But Zara requested corduroy.
I picked up 4 metres of this honey coloured cord in an Op-shop in Bendigo for $2.
The original dress is quite fitted but Zara wanted it to be more of a shaped, pinafore style so we just added a few centimetres ease to her measurements before printing the custom fit PDF.
We knew it would be way too long so we cut the pattern back but left a generous hem which I hand sewed up for a nicer finish.
The under shirt is another Lekala custom fit pattern.
Although the body fit was spot on, the neck was super high and is just turned and topstitched. 
Neither of us liked it so I cut it off and made a separate neck band.
It is sewn up in poly/cotton ribbing, all of it!
I wasn't sure about the durability but Zara says it is washing up a treat!
I had previously sewn the pattern up in stretchy mesh.
It makes a cute little sheer top over a lacy bra.
~Zara's Verdict~
This white T is exactly what I had in mind when I asked mum to make the perfect, white, versatile T.
It is the perfect fit, nicely snug around my arms and torso but not too tight.
I love the higher neck and the fabric chosen.

The pinny is just too adorable, the pattern and the fabric just work together so well. It is such a cute fit and looks cute over the white T.

~My Verdict~
I love Lekala when sewing for Zara. Although she was home when I sewed this outfit she isn't that often.
I did check the fit but it was perfect (apart from the neck of the tee which blind Freddy could see wasn't going to work)
There is no way I would have chosen that dress to be sewn as a pinafore but it is not the first time the girls have challenged me, sewing wise and been proved right!

Thank you for reading xx N


  1. Just wanted to comment on how much your posts inspire me to sew for both my kids and myself. My children are tall and slim for their age and patterns you have used and recommended have really worked for them (particularly Oliver + S). I have found several tried and true patterns from reading your blog. I appreciate your posts where you comment on the things that didn't go quite to plan as well, as it encourages me to enjoy the process of sewing and treat it more as a puzzle to be solved than as a single result. Thanks.

    1. Goodness, thank you Robina, what a lovely, lovely thing to say.
      I often think about closing down the blog but comments like this make me happy to think someone is reading (and I enjoy doing it)
      xx N