Saturday, October 26, 2019

McCall's M7789 Jumpsuit for Elsa

It has been a while since I made my beautiful girl a new outfit.

Recently, Spotlight had a huge pattern sale.
I sent a link to the older three 'kidults' and told them to pick a few.
Elsa chose M7789 .
Clothing Image from Dissh, outfits currently available
It seems that pretty clothes are back in fashion and lilac is a popular colour this year.

I found this fabric which was also from Spotlight and also on sale, which was great because these trousers were fabric hungry!
M7789 allows you to mix and match, the skirt or trousers with the different style top.
Elsa is in Adelaide at University so I cut the pattern per her measurements.
The top was cut to a size 10 and the hips to the size 14 (although Elsa's hips measured a size 18, I was pretty sure there was enough ease).
I shortened the leg by two inches.

I sewed the garment up (making the shoulder straps adjustable from the back, rather than the front) to the point of fitting the zipper and then waited for Elsa to come for a visit .
It wasn't too bad.
First off, there is a ridiculous  amount of ease in this pattern.
I had to pinch a large amount out of the centre back of the bodice which I could but I would have preferred to fit and remove that equally from the side seams.
As I was sewing with measurements (and the bodice and waist section is self lined) I was happy with ease removed from the back BUT I have altered that pattern for next time.
The hips and bottom fit were spot on!
When you consider I should have cut two sizes up they would have been huge!
~My Verdict~
I was a little surprised to see this pattern graded as 'EASY'. Whilst not overly difficult (and possibly my fabric choice added to the challenge) there was a lot of fabric in those legs to maneuverer and the bodice and straps were a little twisty and tricky to sew.
That said, it had great instructions (with nice finishing techniques such as under stitching all the bodice)
I think the pattern would look equally lovely in a linen, in fact Dissh has a very similar dress to the other View.
I would definitely recommend it but advise you to be aware of the ease and suggest you could size back, possibly two sizes.
~Elsa's Verdict~
Comfortable and beautifully fitting, great for dressing up and dressing down. Not to mention the stunning fabric.
Thank you for reading ... xx N


  1. this is beautiful, wonderful design I am loving your outfits great ideas for me for my daughter thanks you so much for sharing

    1. My absolute pleasure, thank YOU for such a lovely comment.
      Modern day patterns are excellent, they really do mirror what is available in the shops, RTW.
      xx N

  2. So pretty Nicole. This reminds me a lot of a swishy rayon dress I had in the 90s, in a very similar fabric. Everything old is new again! And Trixie - so cute and hilarious!

  3. You are right Masha. I am kicking my self for donating my Sportscraft going away dress. It is would be perfectly in style now!
    Trixie loves that leotard, Lightning McStitch made it.
    Thank you!
    xx N

  4. looks great on her - the style and the print, fun pattern!

    1. Thank you!
      Liddy is keen now so I picked up another copy in the recent sale.
      xx N