Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finch for Funday Friday

Friday is the last day of school so that means casual day.
Elas was keen for a new top so she traded  several baskets of washing and folding for a Finch Top.
I have previously blogged the construction here.
However,things went a bit pear shaped with my hemming so I had another go doing it the proper way this time.

Rather then sewing the seam and pressing it open I overlocked it together.

So that I could stagger the side seam I clipped the allowance.

See here.

Press one seam to the left and the other to the right.
This will stagger the bulk nicely.

Don't worry about it coming undone it will beheld in place when the under arm seam is topstitched.
(see above)

Join up the topstitching under the arm.

It can be helpful to baste the hem fold line in. This will give you an accurate measurement as well as slightly easing the hem bringing in some bulk.

Press the fold line and then fold that under it self to create a narrow hem.

After stitching the hem remove the basting.

Press well and there you have a nice neat narrow hem.

Following the instructions attach the binding.

This is a lovely way to finish the binding.

Press the seams up towards the top.

Pin the binding in place.

Stitch in place.

Nearly there....

Eeeeee,I LOVE that bow!

Lots of bow love!

That beautiful back.

Finch fantastic? You bet your little cotton socks!

How will you finish your Finch?

x N


  1. It's fab! Can't wait to see it on her

  2. Thank you Justine.
    We made the 6 which is a little firm for my liking but she is pleased.

    x N

  3. It's great, Nicole! What sizes did you use for the twins in the other patterns? I'm debating if I should purchase any CC patterns with K in mind or if I should strictly focus on the little girls.

  4. Thank Cindy.
    Elsa and Zara are so tiny up top that the 6&7 fit best but as they have tiny waists and curvy bottoms they need the 8 in the Sand Piper as well as a little adjustment to the back(which I blogged)and I sewed the side seams with a minimal seam.

    Looking at K,I would think she would fit but add lots of length? They are a generous width pattern.

    Lidia's CC clothes I cut a 3 and lengthened to a 7 and they seem just right!(Have not quite finished)

    In a nut shell,buy one with K in mind and if it doesn't measure up at least the littles can wear it.
    The Sand Piper top looks very elegant on an older girl.

    I hope this helps.
    x N