Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday My Beauties!

Last week it was Zara and Elsa's 13th birthday's.
From these little cuties.....
To these stunning young ladies.
I am so proud of the fine young women they are becoming.

As usual I made them an outfit.
(Modelled photo's to come)
Liddy's famous home made cards.
They received mixed CD's from Hugo.
And a pretty bracelet from Daddy.
We had planned to go snorkelling but it was far too rough.
Perfect for walking though.
Tilly wearing Figgy's Ayashe blouse&skirt
And building up an appetite for afternoon tea.
Hugo wearing Vogue 8096 shirt and oliver+s Sketchbook jeans
Or a little light reading.
Lidia in a Clever Charlotte Starling dress
The white chocolate mousse was a hit.
Zara&Elsa in oliver+S Field Trip and  Sailboat tops and Sketchbook jeans.
As were the fizzy boutique drinks.
(The girls kept their bottles)
Not too old for a fence walk.
Thank goodness!

I am so lucky to have been able to have my extended family. I get the joy of sharing constant new experiences that come with all their ages.
I have the support of the older ones when I am tired from dealing with toddler tantrums and disturbed nights.
I have cuddles and all encompassing love from the little's when the  teenagers are being,well,teenagers.

And I have my big bear of a man that happily lets me do it with the back up when I need it,including white wine and foot rubs.

x N


  1. Well written post, Nicole! You sum up having the range of ages so nicely.:) Happy Birthday, Zara and Elsa!

  2. Happy Birthday lovely girls, and cheers to their wonderful mum and dad :-)

  3. Happy happy birthday gorgeous girlies!
    I agree with Cindy - summed up perfectly

  4. Best birthday wishes to two beautiful girls!

  5. Thank you all so much!
    I will pass on your good wishes.
    13 years has passed very quickly.

    xx N

  6. Happy birthday girls! Stunning young ladies, indeed. And smart and kind too!

  7. They are Inder,their kindness and empathy are the most beautiful things about them.

    Thank you!
    xx N

  8. A very belated Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girls! The range of ages works very well in our family too :-)

  9. Thank you Angela.
    The Twins have been tickled pink to receive Birthday wishes from all over the world.
    xx N