Saturday, December 8, 2012


After last years mermaid effort I learnt a lesson.
Costumes are much easier if you use a pattern!

I am a convert.
So much so that when a pattern website recently had all their patterns reduced to 99c I purchased a dozen costume variations.
I am positive it was a worthwhile investment.

Hugo starred in his class production of Romeo&Juliet last month and 'puffy' shirts were required.
I sewed three.
A heavy white linen with lace trim.
A self stripe cotton with black leather thonging.
And a fine white linen for my Handsome son.
They used a lot of fabric,nearly four metres each,but they were pretty straight forward to sew!
This was the pattern I used and it was a ripper!

For presentation night Lidia needs a shark costume.
After a quick scoot around E-bay I found this pattern.

I used a wet look vinyl for the front. I purchased it here and I can thoroughly recommend this seller.
I used black drill for the back.
The eyes,mouth and teeth are made from felt.
Two layers of tulle cover Liddy's sweet little face.
He has a dorsal fin padded with polar fleece and a pointy cushion to pad out his head.
It was actually very simple to sew. The instructions were straightforward and the pieces fitted together well.

Costumes sorted!

Next up Zara's Christmas dress!

xx N


  1. OMG! The pattern cover for Hugo's puffy shirt!
    Fab shark costume - go Miss L!

  2. Isn't it a scream? I think Hugo looks better,Jed even.....
    Liddy loves her shark costume,hopefully she doesn't cook on the night!
    xx N

  3. That pattern package is hysterical!
    You've done a wonderful job. Liddy looks really, really happy too!

    1. Would MM like one?
      I can lend you my pattern.....
      Thank you
      xx N

  4. Replies
    1. I wish I had it when I was doing the Christmas cards!
      xx N

  5. What fun projects! I love them! That shark is so great!

  6. Thank you.
    I take my hat off to all the mums who make Halloween costumes every year!
    xx N

  7. Hahaha! That package!! I am impressed you made three of them (not that I didn't think you could or anything, because you are awesome sauce... but that much fabric would get tedious after a while!) And the shark costume is just great, Jack loves it!:)

  8. You are so sweet!
    Awesome Sauce-love it!
    They were pretty heavy to sew,it was a lot of bulk and I am glad they are done.
    The shark was a doddle in comparison.
    Thank you
    xx N

  9. Awesome costumes! Your "puffy shirts" are perfect for Shakespeare.

  10. Thank you Joy.
    A few mums probably thought it was overkill but some parents have to drive around the country side for sporting events.
    Drama is important to Hugo and he felt the troupe would feel more in character if they were dressed to their parts.
    I enjoy this sort of sewing too.
    xx N