Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Check it out

Apologies for the mixed up postings.....
Back to Elsa.
I made her the coat.
Which was a big job.
The deal is, four items of clothing unless your item is a big job.
Really, the coat should have been it.
But she asked me so nicely to make a few more things.
Next, a shirt.
The same as Zara's.
One I made many times for me when they were babies.
One slight problem, E&Z are rather more blessed in the botty department then I was.
So a FBA was needed ( a full botty adjustment )
I tapered the seam allowance out from the waist.
Adding a good 3 cm to the hips.
I basted and checked the fit and it was spot on.
Elsa chose some fine black and white gingham from my stash and used some scraps from Matilda's dress  for pockets, collar and placket trim.
Smoked MoP buttons stitched with red thread.
The check gives some interest as a collar stand, as does the back yoke cut on the bias.
The basic placket is a fun contrast.
And I staggered the cuff so some gingham peeked out when the cuff is worn folded back.
I wasn't sure about this combo, but I think it works.
Elsa is very light on for 'bottoms' for Summer so she decided to get organised early.
Item#3, a skort.
I also made a pair of these for Zara and totally stuffed up the measurement and made them too tight.
This time, I measured twice and cut once.
Elsa chose a light weight canvas I had purchased from Spotters to make Matilda this coat.
I can get more.
I tried really hard to match all the checks but it was not going to happen.
This is a seriously nice pattern. The pockets are a nice touch and the curved waistband gives a nice fit.
The built in short means no knickers on display.
I cut the size 12, as per Elsa's hips, and then fitted them in at her tiny waist.
The pattern is definitely a slim fit, no sizing down.
'One more item please Mum'?
City Gym shorts by Purl Soho.
Using a remnant of woven check with binding cut from soft denim which should fade and age nicely.

Love this pattern, start to finish sewing time under an hour.

Zara and Elsa purchased some really fun fabrics from Eliza's in Sunshine , to make more of these for Summer.

Next up, Hugo and more Thread Theory.


  1. I always love to see when your posts pop up in my queue! You make the most fashionable things for your girls. There are so many special elements in the long sleeved shirt that make it so unique. LOVE the skort pattern! The view Elsa choose is my favorite. Are your girls interested in learning how to sew?

    1. I just love reading your comments Karen, you always say the loveliest things!
      We were both really happy with the shirt, and best of all, I can just make it up now without fittings.

      Liddy and Tilly do a lot of 'pretend' sewing but that is about it. They are very busy with school, sport and pets.
      xx N

  2. I love your posts, too! Your girls and boy are lucky you would make them the neatest and most chic garments. They surely appreciate it!

    1. Thank you SaSa. I am certainly learning lots of new skills sewing for the Biggies. It is giving me confidence to branch out with sewing for me. I am working on a muslin for a button up shirt for me!
      xx N

  3. You have very lucky children! I love that you sew for your older kids as much as your younger ones. Also, "Full Botty Adjustment." Snort.

    1. FBA was better the Elsa's suggested FAA, Inder.
      I am lucky they still want me to sew, it s good for my brain to be challenged with these harder patterns.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  4. I always enjoy seeing your creative details in any outfit you make.

    1. Thank you Deb, somehow the stash just keeps a-growing!
      xx N

  5. Wow Nicole that looks like half a years worth of sewing. The shirt is fabulous. The mismatched plaids shouldn't work, but they do! Love the FBA.

    1. Thanks Shelley, that is so kind of you as I am seriously struggling to keep all my balls in the air at present.

  6. How fun is it to make a shirt for them that you made for yourself when they were little! I love all your makes. Beautiful pieces for their wardrobe. :D

  7. It was a blast from the past Kristin, especially looking at the fabric swatches.
    Thank you!
    xx N