Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Posh Frock WIP

The inspiration...
Picture from Pinterest
The pattern.
The making of the muslin.
The first fit.
This is the computer generated pattern.
Not too bad at all.
If I wanted a simple, slightly fitted dress this would be fine, as is.
After a lot of work by Zara...
Pinning, basting, stitching, marking.
Fitting the pattern to my wonky old bod.
Then unpicking it all to use it as a pattern.
Check out the different heights of those darts!
And those seriously weird bust darts!
The silk satin frays when you breathe on it so I am cutting each piece, one at a time, the silk and lace as one.
I then baste all the edges together and finish with overlocking them.
V e r y slowly as it stretches.
I marked the darts with a tracing wheel and then went over them with my flash Harry pen (that disappears when heat is applied) from The Drapery.
These are proving a wee bit fiddly so I am basting them first and then stitching once I am happy.

It is all coming along nicely.

xx N