Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zara~ McCalls 7064

Sometimes the Twins really surprise me with their choices...
This time Zara did very well.
Zara loves rompers and she found this one.
Photo from Pinterest.
She loved the gingham and the bow.
After perusing my pattern stash she found this.
One of my many op-shop finds.
The micro gingham was from my stash and as I have 10 odd metres I was quite happy to experiment.
It used a lot of fabric, 3+ metres and the '2 Hour Jumpsuit' claim? Snort, think 4+ hours.
I think she looks absolutely amazing.
The waist cuffs are made with pre-made bias, on the inside. I finished the cuff with a tiny double hem.

The shoulder has a self casing built in and I turned a narrow hem first so the finish was clean and neat.

The waist seam is extra deep and after sewing is pressed up and topstitched in place to create the waist casing.

The inseam pockets are well cut and sit nicely.

The sash is double sided and I hand sewed the opening for a perfect finish.

I turned up a narrow and then a deeper hem and hand sewed it to continue the bespoke finish.
Now, lets discuss sizing.
I love multi size patterns for my girls.
Zara has a tiny waist but quite a full derrière. By drafting the XS for the top and the medium for the bottom we get a perfect fit with no pulling, drag lines or knicker plucking.
I really enjoyed sewing this romper. I like fashion patterns and love it when the Twins have an inspiration for us to work from.
Witchery shoes 
As her outfit was a total stash shop she had the money spare to buy these shoes.
~Zara's Verdict~
This playsuit is absolutely gorgeous. 
Mum did an absolute marvellous job. She really understood what I wanted. The style of the playsuit is extremely flattering for my body shape. With the fullness over my fuller sized 'derriere' as mum puts it, and the off the shoulder design showing off one of my better assets. 
I think that I will wear the playsuit a little bit lower on my shoulders that pictured in the photos above. 
It is a extremely lovely piece and I think that I will get a lot of wear out of it. 
Thank you Mum. xxx

Well, isn't that lovely?
xx N


  1. Playsuit looks terrific on Zara. Another great win!!

    1. We are both really pleased Deb, thank you
      xx N

  2. That does look fantastic on Zara! You both have done very well!

  3. Oh it's super gorgeous! and such a great pattern find, off shoulder and frills being so 'in'. Great score with the fabric too.

    1. Everything sems to come back in style, doesn't it?
      Thank you!
      xx N

  4. You have such great taste Zara!

  5. Gorgeous jumpsuit! Great job!

  6. I love how you re-imagined her design brief away from that cleavage plunge in the inspiration picture! :) Good job mum!