Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lekala #7207 Teenage Coat

Once again we drew inspiration from Witchery
Liddy fell in love with this jacket.
Jacket from Witchery, no longer available. 
At $100, it was pretty good value for a nice coat but it only goes up to 14 and Liddy measures out of that.
After looking at a lot of patterns, we settled on Lekala #7207
I keep coming back to Lekala, for Liddy, as she is so skinny  but has a big set of shoulders.
 She is hard to fit.
Next, fabric...
I put out a SOS for metallic, silver, French terry with my sewing friends and the wonderful Sarvi came to the rescue.
Thank you Mood  and thank you Sarvi.
I ordered directly from Mood, using their international postage service. The postage was around $40 which I thought was pretty reasonable for a fast, pain-free service.
I pre-washed the fabric and it 'heathered' up beautifully.
The surfaced crackled but it didn't peel off.
I lined the main coat with a soft, very stretchy, grey jersey cloth. 
The hood with organic cotton fleece.
I used silver press studs to fasten it.
I bagged the lining, as per directions but I sort of wish I hadn't. I may go and top stitch the hem down.
It seems to be pulling in on its self and there is good ease in the lining.
My favourite thing is the shoulder fit.
Plenty of room to grow but not excessive fabric around her body.
The hood is removable, a fact that is not mentioned.
You sort of work that out as you are sewing, that's Lekala!
There are so many pieces to the pattern and I really had to concentrate on what was main, lining and trim, what was 'cut one', what was 'cut two' and where to interface.
I made copious notes on the pattern as I plan to make Liddy a navy wool version, next Winter.
Yes, I definitely going to top stitch that hem.
~Lidia's Verdict~
This coat is gorgeous!
 I love the deep pockets and the fluffy hood. The fabric is beautiful and I love how it is heathered. The lining is a delicate t-shirt fabric which makes it feel so light but really warm at the same time. I wore it to the local fair and cannot wait for another opportunity (or excuse) to show Mum's sewing off.
~My Verdict~
I enjoyed this sew so much!
Beautiful, quality fabric. A really well cut pattern (instructions were very Lekala-ish) and a thoroughly excited recipient.
I took my time, interfacing the fronts, yokes and sleeve caps (wondering if I should have interfaced the hem)? and top stitched through out.
My only grumble is that hem roll. I guess it is 'gripping' being knit? I will try stitching it with a double row and see if that helps it sit.
The sleeve lining seems to be stretching out of the sleeve ends too so I may stitch this as well.
I still have a nice big piece leftover... maybe a bomber jacket for Tildy?
Photo credit to Zara 
Thank's for reading.
xx N


  1. Yet another amazing coat! I really enjoy sewing coats too and I find your coat posts a great source of inspiration. This coat has a lovely cut but the fabric choice is just plain fun!! I think most girls Lidia's age would love a coat like this. Awesome stuff

  2. Thank you Aynsley.
    I love sewing coats, I wish we lived somewhere that warranted wearing them more often.
    The fabric is very special. I *probably* could have purchased the made coat for similar money however, it would not have fit Liddy for long (if at all) and I really, really wanted to sew it myself.
    Thank you for you lovely comment.
    xx N

  3. Another amazing make! Such a great jacket and I definitely think you should make a bomber with the leftovers, it would look so good.

  4. Thank you Robyn.
    Tildy would love to matching and Liddy is a good sport and doesn't mind a jot!
    xx N

  5. I think your version is better than the original! I love that collar and good. Kiddy is looking so grown, in some of the photos she could pass for one of the twins.

    1. Thank you!
      Lekala has just released a pattern so similar to the Witchery, I was a bit cross but Liddy insists she likes her better (she would though)
      She is so grown up, 13!
      xx N

  6. Oh, this is KILLER. Wow, Mood really has the most amazing fabrics. Silver metallic "egret" french terry?!!! Whaaa? Sooooo cool!

    1. Thank you Inder. I was so excited to sewing from Mood, such a fan girl.
      xx N

  7. I hope to be able to visit Mood next year. I may need to take an extra suit case.

    The jacket looks great. The blingy fabric certainly is a show stopper.

    1. Oh you lucky thing!
      It is my dream to go, make a list or you will wander aimlessly, still, there are worse ways to go #deathbyfabric.
      xx N

  8. I agree with Liddy! the coat is gorgeous! just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you very much.
      It was such a fun sew.
      xx N