Sunday, October 1, 2017

Trousers for Two~After School Pants and Raven Pants

A quick post about some quick trousers.
Trixie needed some new trousers.
She is not out of nappies and shows absolutely no inclination.
Tilly was far more petite and all her pants at this size were very much cut for knickers (Trixie wears a 3, Tilly was at school when she was a size 3)
However, I didn't want to invest a lot of time sewing them as, you know toddlers, she could decide to wear knickers next week!
The Clever Charlotte Raven pants fit the bill.
I had just handed her size 2's on to my cousins as they were okay over disposables but no-go over cloth nappy. The rest of the leg was good though.
I didn't want to draft up a size so I added a bit extra bum room and added the same to the front and back waist band pieces.
I sewed them up in a thick, stretch, poly/cotton, brushed back fabric I picked up in Melbourne. It was very cheap ($3) so I only purchased 1 1/2 m to make Liddy some Winter school pants (to be blogged) as I thought it may not wash well.
It did, so I will definitely pick up some more next year.
From the scraps of Liddy's I was able to cut these and a tiny pair for Squeaky. (Beatrix's doll)
I ran up another pair in a denim look cotton/poly remnant (from the bin at Eliza's)
There was not enough for the facings so I used some scraps from Tildy's Music Class shirt.

The fact that there is pockets is not lost on Trixie.
Tildy asked for some new school pants.
So, I thought After School pants.
These are a size 4 with the length of a 7 and a wee ribbing cuff added just like these.
The faux waist tie is a shoe lace, stitched in place.
The fabric was left over from Hugo's Jedediah trousers (another Eliza fabrics remnant) some stretch cotton moleskin.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the white tie on the front.
The feel on the fabric is nice and velvety.

~My Verdict~
Two, very good, go-to patterns.
Both are great for using up leftover fabric #ninjacutting and both are quick sews, a few hours at the most.
I love dresses and pretty skirts but my girls are active and trousers just seem to work best.
For a step by step tutorial for the After School pants see here.
For a tutorial for the Raven pants see here

Thanks for reading xx N


  1. I've been putting off trousers for myself for ages......Nicely done mama!

  2. Thank you Colette.
    I had better get that jolly pattern to you so you can!
    xx N

  3. Yup! It's not the most exciting sewing, but it's SO PRACTICAL. I cut out five pairs of leggings and two pairs of sweatpants for Maggie. I want to make a dent in my knit stash so that I can justify some of that lovely Nosh fabric everyone is always raving about ;-)

  4. Thanks Inder.
    You sound like you are on a roll Baby!
    xx N

  5. Replies
    1. photo that is (one handed typing with a cup of tea)

    2. Thank you, she is a trick.
      xx N