Sunday, August 12, 2018

Lekala #4021 One-Piecer for Lidia

Part two of our Ballerina inspired outfit...
We have made the waistcoat
Lekala #4339

Now to show you the shorts.
Lidia is not a huge fan of jeans or shorts as they fall down on her slight frame.
We both like this one-piecer from Lekala.
I sewed them up in the leftover pieces from Jed's latest Jedediah jeans (to be blogged) #ninjacutting.
I used heavy jeans thread in copper for the the top stitching and bronze hardware for the trims.
The lederhosen type straps can be completely removed so she can wear the high waisted shorts on their own.
They fit so well.
I had my concerns the legs were going to be indecently short but they are fine!
The only sizing adjustment I did was to move the buttons in to create more of a waist for her.
The denim/wool is very soft and warm, it has a tiny amount of stretch, for comfort.
Paired with her woollen School Bus tee (to be blogged), it will be a very warm outfit that should transition to Spring nicely.
If she doesn't grow out of it by then.
I think we did well, we captured the look without it looking too costume-y.

(The boots were NWOT on eBay, I swear I have a little eBay fairy that helps me find things)
~Lidia's Verdict~
This outfit is one of my favourite Winter wardrobe combinations yet, it would be almost impossible for me to choose my favourite garment, I love the vest and the low yoke it has. I think that the removable straps on the high waisted overalls are really cute and nifty. I cannot wait to wear them out!
Thank you for reading xx N


  1. The one-piecer looks gorgeous on your daughter, perfectly suited for her shape, and that top stitching is sooo good!

    1. Thank you so much Robyn. I use heavy, jeans weight thread for the top stitching (only in the top spool) it is pretty chuggy sewing but I think the results are worth it.
      Liddy is hard to sew for but so delightful to work with.
      xx N

  2. A charming outfit. You two are an inspired team, always choosing the patterns that exactly suit Lidia. (And then of course your extraordinary skill in fitting and executing the plan!)

    1. Thank you Elle, what a lovely thing to say.
      I adore working with Lids, she is very strong willed but so polite and respectful we achieve a result we both love.
      xx N