Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tildy does it her way ( McCalls 2119 OOP)

We all love our Victorian Holiday!
Pink Lake

Retail Therapy.

The Zone Fun Centre
The Talking Tram

We each choose one activity (or more) and work to an itinerary.
My 'thing' is my trip to Eliza Fabrics
I write a list throughout the year and try to stick to it.
On the day, each of the family get to choose something special too and the remnants are bonus points!
It is not a relaxed shopping trip.
The owner powers through my cutting, I am pretty sure she wants me and my huge brood out of her tiny shop.
This year, Tilly totally won her over and the two of them were as thick as thieves digging through the remnant bin.

My selection was fairly neutral and easy on the eye...

Then Tilly presented me with her bundle.
Evidently, they were one off designs superfluous to a fashion design students needs.
The prints are repeated in a very, um, bold way.
I was horrified, Jed couldn't see the problem and Zara laughed wine out of her nose. 
I decided to use vintage patterns, hoping the clean lines would tone down the vibrant prints. 
The pattern is a size 6 but Tilly is already getting quite a waist and hips so I knew it would fit.
I added 6 inches to the straps of the pinafore and the same to the hem of the shirt and the lengthen line of the sleeve of the blouse.
The fabric of the pinny was gorgeous to sew. It has the hand of medium denim with stretch and a lovely soft sheen to it.
I fussed with my thread choice but decided on black with the theory that it would disappear.
The colours are amazing, I will definitely be tossing 1/2 cup of salt in the wash to protect the print and drying in the shade.
The straps cross over at the back and do up with buttons. I choose simple black enamel, coconut shell.
Tilly chose a vintage magenta zip.
The blouse is divine.
It has quite fitting shoulders, due to the gorgeous raglan sleeve (always a boon for the petite shouldered of us), that sweep out to a fabulous balloon sleeve.
The funnel neck is elegant and chic.
The cotton broderie was also an Eliza purchase, I bought it in white as well. 
It is actually a bit big but that is never a bad thing with growing children.
It is certainly fun!
~Tilly's Verdict~
I really like the symmetry and the bright colours on the pinny.
I like the holes in the shirt as on hot days I will get air on my arms.
They are both very comfy.
There is only one print of this fabric (as far as we know NMK) and that make me happy, jolly, excited and a bit special.
~My Verdict~
A very cute pattern, the A-line skirt gives room to move without a lot of unnecessary fabric. It is very roomy, the waist positively swims on Tilly.
I adore the blouse, the funnel neck is very on trend as are the balloon sleeves.
I think I might keep and eye out for this one in a larger size.
Now that is is sewn I don't mind this outfit as all.
I wish I could say the same about her next dress choice...

Thank you for reading...
xx Nicole 


  1. I love how you embrace each of your children's very clear styles. I'm sure they will treasure each of the special garments you have made for them. I can hardly wait to see all the amazing garments that you create from that wonderful stash of fabrics!

    1. Thank you Aynsley.
      I must admit, I do struggle with it and one of the pieces Tildy chose is truly horrid but I tried to meet the challenge and she is so happy.
      xx N

  2. I am deeply impressed that Eliza's owner was nice to Tilly!!! I can barely get an acknowledgement let alone a smile.

    1. I laughed way too hard at that comment.
      Tildy is just one of those people that refuses to acknowledge that anyone could not think her adorable.
      xx N

  3. I love these together. Great pick on the fabrics Tildy and great match for the patterns Nicole. So many fun holiday activities and lovely pics. That haircut really suits T ;o)

    1. I love it too, which surprised me!
      Tildy is so much fun and if she wants bright, I will sew her bright!
      Thank you, it was a great holiday, just a bit sad Elsa had to work.
      xx N

  4. I have a daughter like this as well - I can rarely predict if she will like something or not! Sometimes you have to just go with it :)

    1. I know!
      So many things I sewed for the Twins, that they insisted they wanted, never got worn....
      At least this was a fun sew.
      Thank you!
      xx N