Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lime is the New Black~ Butterick 6655 ~Zara's Pickernick Dress

I like to make each of my tribe something special for their birthday.
Zara was very keen on a lime green gingham sundress.
It was a coincidence that when we pulled out the pattern, there was one on the cover.
Do you remember this dress?
It is the same pattern I used to make her silk dress for the Football Black Tie dinner
Zara wanted it quite short so I choose View B but went with a deep hem so it would hang nicely.
The gingham is some vintage stuff from my stash. It was quite narrow and I was only just able to cut the skirt pieces from it.
It was so soft and pressed up beautifully.
Zara was after quite a 'poofy' skirt so I dropped in a lawn lining.
I hemmed that to sit an inch above the dress hem.
Thread chains keep the lining in place.
I put the hem up by hand (Zara's request) but this time I used the patterns method to reduce the fullness.
I usually make small darts in the hem, pressing them down, at regular  increments, and then sew the hem in place.
This time I sewed a large gathering stitch and pulled that in gently to remove fullness, pressed, pinned and hand sewed.
I prefer my method, a lot smoother and neater looking.
The elastic casing is a wide bias strip that covers the bodice/waist seam. The elastic is threaded neatly through the front opening.
I like it!
~Zara's Verdict~
This dress is adorable. I had this vision in mind and Mum nailed it.
The apple green colour of the gingham paired with the gorgeous halter neck created the loveliest Spring/Summer dress.
~My Verdict~
I *love* sewing vintage patterns so this one was a no brainer.
All the fabric was from my stash (and I think that was all given to me).
It was a very pleasant afternoon sew.
(But I think I will stick to my way of hemming)

Thank you for reading... xx N


  1. Gorgeous - I love how often your vintage pattern stash is used to brilliant effect!

  2. Thank you Jane.
    I love sewing vintage patterns and sewing them up, in fabrics that were probably purchased in the same era is the cherry on top!
    xx N