Friday, November 16, 2018

OOP McCall's 8702 My New Favourite Shirt

I have thoroughly embraced the capsule wardrobe concept.
I make sure I need a piece before I sew it, I really try to make only what I need.
One piece I have been planning is a nice white shirt.
I had previously sewn an Aime Comme Madame shirt
Which I wore frequently but as Trixie fed less and my weight stabilised it didn't fit as nicely and it went to a new home.
I knew I wanted a sleeve placket, two piece collar and an over size but neat fit.
A back yoke, a back vent for ease, nice long tails...
And a side vent.
I found the perfect pattern in an Op Shop in Bendigo.
I always look out for the 'Designer does Big Four' patterns, even if they are dated they have nice details.
I was a bit sad upon opening the packet to see the pattern was butchered. The seam allowances had been hacked off some edges and not others and the main had been cut in several places.
Liddy was happy to be a guinea pig so I sewed it up in some Japanese lawn from Spotlight.
It wasn't too bad on me, width wise but too short and the front placket was super wide and the neck band didn't fit nicely.
I added length to the front and back (at the lengthen lines) and also made a back vent for more tummy ease. 
My first version for me I sewed in some denim tencel I found in the remnant bin at Spotlight.
I topstitched it with copper thread and used metal press studs to play up 'jeans' effect.
I wear this shirt a lot. As a shirt and also a light jacket over an Ogden cami.
I love this shirt!
The fabric is a medium weight linen that drapes beautifully.
The shoulder fit is perfect so if I lose or gain weight, it will still fit.
I love the back fit, it touches rather than clings.
Being a slightly heavier linen, I can 'wear it and air it' saving laundry and the shirt's life.
~My Verdict~
Very pleased.
I repaired the pattern with Swedish tracing paper and it is good to go!
I have three shirts in my capsule now, the denim and the white linen as well as my Style Arc Boyfriend shirt (I had a Japanese lawn version but I wasn't wearing it so my sister scored it plus an Ogden cami from the same fabric)
With my casual life style, three is ample and all are worn regularly.
I love my evolving wardrobe. Getting dressed is so easy and I always feel nice.
The only items I need now are a light denim skirt, may be some Boyfriend shorts and then a few 'sometimes' clothes, a black blazer, some black dress trousers, a black linen shift dress and I have some rose gold sequinned fabric I want to make a pencil skirt from.
It is fun and it is nice to do something for me.

Thank you for reading.
xx N


  1. I am so inspired by your capsule wardrobe and your use of vintage patterns! What a perfect shirt. I admit, when I saw the pattern cover, I was a bit skeptical - those are some wide shoulders! But it is perfect on you.

    1. They are super wide Inder. I am a 42 bust so I took a chance with the 34 bust that there shoulders would fit and it paid off!
      Thank you, the capsule wardrobe works so well for me and I am trying to train the girls (and fellows) to do the same, less clothes that work harder!
      xx N