Monday, June 3, 2019

Vado Boyfriend Jeans for Me

I have been pinning a lot of white, boyfriend jeans outfits lately.
And I have this jeans pattern
I have a pair of white skinny jeans that I wear a frequently but white is not a great colour on me.
I thought about the other colour in my capsule, pink!
So I made pink ones!
I had just a little bit of heavy pink denim/canvas in my stash.
I had made Elsa a pair of Banyan pants quite a few years back, from it.
I sewed my awesome last pair in a denim/wool with a touch of spandex, this fabric has no stretch so I added a 1.5cm to the centre front of the jeans front (that is where I can get uncomfortable) and blended it back.
I also added a few cm's to the end of the waistband.
The zip construction is really different but you get a perfect result which is also easy to repair the zipper, if it breaks.
I only had enough fabric to cut one waistband (the waistband is very curved which helps with the great fit)so I cut the inside with the same fabric as the pocket bags. It was a thin shirting so I used a double layer of interfacing.
I couldn't decide what colour thread to use, none of my pinks looked right so I went with a coffee coloured one.
I think it will wash in nicely and work, even as the fabric fades.
I added quite a bit to the hem so I could roll them up.
I love the long legs with the fullness through the thigh but the nice fit at the bottom.
I love these jeans.
The best thing is, they have ease if I gain weight and will look good a bit baggy if I lose it.
I think the pink is really pretty and lifts my predominately black wardrobe.
~My Verdict~
I love this pattern so much. It is not cheap (around $17 AUD) and I suggest you carefully take your measurements as if you need to print another pattern, it is another $17. However, I find it is pretty easy to alter and fit.
All denim behaves differently so I always baste the side seams and do a few squats to check the firmness before sewing the side seams.
As predicted, the colour is not as practical as my denim/wool pair. I 'wear and air' these but the pink ones seem to get grubby a lot easier.
But I still love them.

Thank you for reading... xx N


  1. The color is so great; they do elevate the wardrobe!

    1. Thank you Masha, they are wearing really well too.
      xx N

  2. Your jeans are terrific, your sewing is always impressive. The colour is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I love my jeans, I wear jeans and just can't buy the size I need in the shops, too many babies and not enough exercise ....
      xx N

  3. These are beyond fantastic. I did not realize that I need pink jeans, but you may have convinced me!

    1. I am so happy with my pink jeans. I always worry I am a bit old for my (beloved) biker jacket but I think the pink jeans just pretty it up, that bit.
      Thank you!
      xx N