Saturday, March 9, 2019

Vado Boyfriend Jeans for Me.

Once you have made jeans that fit you, that is it.

You can't go back to uncomfortable ones.
I can't find jeans to fit me.
I have a very thick waist but it is tummy weight. If I get jeans to fit me in the waist, they have ridiculously full legs.
If they are neat around the bottom and legs, they cut me in my middle. 
But jeans and shirts are my style, I like them!
Style Arc Boyfriend shirt and Vado skinny jeans
I have had great success with my Vado jeans and my original white and black pair are on heavy rotation but I have put on weight and my denim ones were too tight.
Life it too short for tight trousers.
My weight gain is mainly on my middle so I added a few cms to the front of the jeans and the waistband of my original pattern and I was back in business.
I used some denim/wool from Spotlight, it has a small amount of stretch which is needed for this pattern.
I went with navy top stitching.
As usual I interfaced the front panels for some tummy control (personal choice) and I used stretch poplin of the pockets bags which I finished with French seams.
I love that I actually have some bum as well as tum in these jeans.
Skinny jeans are great but I wanted to try a different look.
So I thought I would try the Vado Boyfriend jeans again
 Not too shabby.
The pattern has more ease through the leg, not sloppy, just a little more fabric.
Once again, tummy room, love it!
I love these jeans!
I got a booty!
My only tiny grumble....
They are supposed to have long legs, like really long legs that you roll up!
I don't have long legs and these are almost too short on me.
So I will need to add a few inches to my next pair
Because I really like the look of the rolled leg.
More lush denim/wool but this time with copper coloured thread topstitching.
I am so pleased with these jeans.

Thank you for reading... xx N


  1. You look great in these jeans! I hope to achieve a similar fit one time, too!

  2. These are fantastic! I love them pegged, I think you're supposed to show a bit of ankle. I could see these rolled up with Converse or booties in the fall. Perfect jeans! I need to figure out trouser sewing one of these days ...

    1. These are the BEST jeans. Whenever I slip them on and the feel snug around my back I think 'These wont do up' but the do, because of the tummy room.
      I agree the rolled leg is cute but I get cold ankles in Winter,I want rolled legs AND warmth #stompsfoot I do recommend these, if you ever want to have a go I am happy to help. They are not too hard if you break the steps down. You could do a bit each night?
      Thank you!
      xx N

  3. Sew good! I made some pants recently but I'm not sure if I like them, really need a few more in my work wardrobe......

    1. I think these would make gorgeous semi dress trousers in a heavy linen/canvas, ooh, I am getting a bit keen now....
      Thank you!
      xx N

  4. Jeans.... absolutely love sewing them and love wearing them! These are great!