Thursday, July 9, 2020

OOP New Look 6472 Hoodie, Lekala #5657 Polo and True Bias Hudson Pants for Zara

Zara has started her second teaching placement and I received an SOS for a few new things.
Namely, a PE kit, stat!
First up, a new polo top.
Luckily her Lekala #5657 I made her last time still fits well so I knew I could sew another of those up.
I have cropped the pattern, as Zara requested, to just above the waistline.
It's a cute look, that is fabulous on Zara but she says it also works well under a sweater, for work wear.
This pattern is best sewn in a very stretchy fabric.
I used some thick, cotton/spandex, I had purchased from the BullRush factory when it was still in Adelaide.
I had a strip leftover from some other t-shirts I had sewn.

All these t-shirts are still better worn on heavy rotation, the fabric has washed really well.
And I had just enough left to cut Zara's polo and a little KwikSew tee (to be blogged) for Trixie.
Next, a hoodie.
OOP New Look 6472, given to me by a kindly neighbour.
Zara measured, and I cut, the size 12.
I didn't alter the pattern at all, the only difference was that I flat-felled the hood seam so it is still neat when worn down.
It's worth doing this step to achieve a nice finish.
The fabric is the last of three metres of unbrushed cotton fleece I purchased from Eliza's Fabrics (now sadly closed).
I was able to cut this hoodie, the track pants and two KwikSew jumpers for Lidia (to be blogged).
It was super wide.
Although very definitely over sized, it is not baggy, there is some very nice shaping in this pattern.
The hood tie is an old footy boot shoe lace (washed of course) and I caught it in the seam at the top of the hood to make sure it cannot be pulled out.
The bottoms are one of my favourite patterns the True Bias Hudson Pants
These bottoms are fabulous.
I cut Zara the size 12 (as per her hip measurement) but sewed them with a narrow (just overlocked) seam as I wanted just a little more wearing ease.
I think the extra ease works well with the hooded sweater and it more work appropriate.
~Zara's Verdict~
My mum is awesome, I requested a white polo top for my teacher placement after she made me a grey one.
 She made me the perfect one and then also made me a pair of joggers and a hoodie for placement after she heard I went for a 15km walking excursion with my students, in jeans. 
They are all so white, clean and fresh. I will try my best to keep them that way hehe. 
The fit is so comfortable and stylish. Thank you so much mum. 10 out of 10. Five stars. You rule.
Image from Pinterest
I plan on styling the white polo underneath my retro crewneck jumpers with either some Levi jeans or a black skirt. Chuck on my Dr Marten platforms and some white socks and it will be the cutest outfit!!
Image from Pinterest
 For placement however I will dress it far more neatly with a knitted crewneck over the top and nicely fitted black trousers. There are endless possibilities.
~My Verdict~
This was such a relaxing sew after finishing up Lidia's posh frock (to be blogged)
I was able to sew them all up in one day (which was super handy as Zara and Hugo were visiting the next).
I used to say I didn't like knits but I really think I may be changing my mind.
If I take care with my finishes, top stitching and pressing well, I get a lovely garment that is quite satisfying. 
The polo top is a very quick sew, less than two hours. I have found it best not to interface the collar or placket or the pieces don't sew together nicely.
I finished the hem with the wave stitch on my sewing machine. Zara quite likes the 'retro' look of it and it is very strong (just as strong as my cover-stitch, which was threaded with black and can be a sod to re-thread)
The sweater is lovely, Liddy tried it on and she liked it, I tried it on and it fit me too, so I think the size 12 could be very versatile.
I top stitched all the seams and taped the very back neck, to up the RTW feel.
The bottoms, the Hudson pants are awesome, they are such a snappy looking pair of track pants.
I do my waist bands a little differently, omitting the waist tie casing and usually just sew a shoe lace as a faux tie.
I hope Zara feels sporty and comfortable at her placement.
Thank you for reading....
                                          xx Nicole 


  1. Fantastic sewing. I hope that Zara's laundry lady can keep the track suit pristine (ha ha 😉)

  2. Thank you Margaret.
    I have told her she CANNOT wear them until placement ;)
    xx Nicole