Monday, April 6, 2020

Lekala #5657 Cropped Polo for Zara

Zara sent me a wish list.
I thought I would make the polo first as I had a pattern in mind.
The custom fit Lekala #5657 
Zara's Inspiration Picture from Pinterest
The button tab does not fasten but Zara said she didn't mind.
So I cropped it!
Fabric choice was very important for this sew. Lekala patterns tend to be very fitted.
To be safe, I knocked up a wearable muslin.
I used a remnant of extremely stretchy cotton/lycra knit.
Reversed so the bats were on the inside.
The front placket was extremely quick to sew but very effective.
I covered the neck seam with cotton webbing for a sturdier finish.
It looked hopeful on the mannequin...
Liddy obliged me and tried it on.
It was too tight across the shoulders on her and a bit gappy around the middle.
But she really liked it and requested her own.
Custom fit to her and quite a bit longer.
Jed was heading to Adelaide for business so I asked him to drop it at Zara's door.
Winner winner chicken dinner!
~Zara's Verdict~
This polo top is exactly what I asked for. It's so flattering, the sleeve length covers my arms to the most flattering part, with the low cut front being sexy without crossing a line. 

The collar is such a funky length that makes it different to other basic polo layouts. 
~My Verdict~
Okay, so it doesn't have the button front BUT otherwise, it is a great pattern.
It took two hours to cut and sew and the custom fit meant I could sew it for an absent client.
Personally, I think the collar is a little big, a little 70's, but Zara loved it.
I also think I left the sleeves a wee bit long but Zara likes that as she can roll them if she wishes.
As long as we use a *very stretchy fabric* we have a winner!


  1. I love it that you get given a wish list and appropriate photos. Far easier for long distance sewing! Well done.

    1. Yes!
      I love a list AND photos because a 46 year old women definitely does not have the same ideas as a 20 year old one.
      Thank you, its a great top. I have made another and interfaced the tabs and collar, it made the sewing a little trickier (small tucks were an issue when sewing the non-interfaced collar to the interfaced) but sat far nicer.
      xx N