Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finch with Extra's-A Pocket Tutorial

Goodness I have missed you chaps!
Really missed you-a lot.
A combination of lots of sewing,harvest starting and a maxed out internet connection has left little chance for showing and telling.

Forgive me?

A good month back I went on a school uniform sewing spree and made Hugo new polos and Tilly and the Twins navy bottoms.
The Finch shorts are a bit of a favourite in our home. I blogged the construction here and then went on to line them here.
Finch top&shorts

Finch top&shorts lined
My children are all prone to slight hay fever and tend to need a hanky year 'round so a pocket was needed if I was to sneak a pair of Finch shorts into their uniform wardrobe.
I also decided to stitch in the front pleat to save some time ironing.
It was very quick to do,I simply stitched down the pleat fold with a small stitch.
To add a pocket you will need a pattern piece from an existing pattern,I used mine from the oliver+s PlayDate dress.
Stitch the right side of one of the pocket bags to the right side of the shorts with a narrow seam.
Neaten this seam now.
Stitch the other pocket bag to the back making sure the sides are matching if you are only adding one pocket!
Check,then check again.
Yes,I stitched them on opposite sides......
I attached my pocket pretty well in the middle of the seam.
Low enough to be comfortable not too low as to poke out the bottom of the shorts.
Pin the front and back pieces together drawing in the stitching lines can be helpful.
Sew the seam.
Before neatening,clip into seam allowance where the pocket joins the shorts but not through it.
This will give ease and allow the seam to spread out during neatening.
By clipping before neatening it give the seam extra stability and can help prevent fraying.
Press the pocket bag towards the bag.
A neat tidy pocket and a sneaky splash of colour.
I forgot to allow for the tab so I had to shorten it-no biggie!
I decided to stitch the tab in place rather the just hold it with the button,just to save some ironing time.
Super snappy for school.
And if you need any further inspiration.....

Rainbow Finches.
Back soon!
xx N


  1. Lovely Nicole!
    I've been missing your posts :)
    The first thing my daugther asked when she tried her Finch shorts was if there was pockets (not hay fever related, but she has needs - like rocks and lollies and small dolls, lol). Luckly she loves the shorts, so she wears them even without pockets.
    Yet, now, I have no excuse for not adding them to the next pair! Thank you again for coming to my rescue :) Ana Sofia

    1. Thank you Ana Sofia,little ones love pockets don't they?
      I have a basket in my laundry full of 'treasures' retrieved from clothing hidey holes.
      xx N

  2. Clever Nicole - I am going through a pocket stage too - so useful, really!
    Love all of these shorts :-)

    1. Thank you Justine,I tend to wear clothes with pockets. My mother always wore a pinny with a pocket to pop things into.
      xx N

  3. They all look fab! I will be adding pockets to Sarah's for sure on the next pair. :)

    1. Thank you Sharon!
      Very quick to do once I worked it out.
      xx N

  4. Adding a pocket is genius!! I'll defintiely be using your tute.;)

  5. I am glad you are back; you have been missed!! I am finally able to sew again myself, so maybe I'll post a photo here and there. I definitely want to try lining the Finches and your pockets are a must!

    1. Thank you Margaret,all the blogs I have done in my head!

      Its lovely you have been sewing as well. I can thoroughly recommend lining the shorts,it give them wonderful body.
      xx N

  6. love the pockets! You are the Finch Queen!

  7. Swoon, the finch rainbow is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Thank you Brittney,I think I could sew these in my sleep.
    xx N