Friday, November 2, 2012

For those less fortunate

My Twins love Op-Shops.

Whilst trawling through one recently the lovely lady behind the counter mentioned that they could never get enough sheets or blankets.
That sowed the seed.

Then Jed went to a household clearing sale and purchased me this treasure for a paltry $5.
At first I thought-FABRIC.
But I then wondered if this was the perfect time to downsize my over flowing linen press.
The result?
The linen I actually use!
The bundle I have sent off to St Vinnies.
What have you got in your cupboards that you really don't need?
Give it to someone that does.
                              Thank you


  1. It feels good to let go of stuff that is cluttering your life but will be a blessing to someone else.

  2. Ditto, Cindy. Well done!
    (and a great little cupboard too)

  3. Good job, Nicole - so nice to clear out unnecessary things and help others at the same time. :)

  4. It was very cathartic.

    Thank you!
    xx N

  5. Think I really need to do this too :-)

  6. It was amazing how much I just did not use Justine.
    It felt so good to clear it out and know it was going to be useful.

    XX N