Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gidget Girl

Elsa and Zara have discovered vintage patterns.
And we are all very happy about it!

The Twins because they can have groovy clothes that none of their friends have.
Jed because even skimpy vintage patterns cover more then modern clothes.
And me because they are still happy for me to sew for them.

Another bonus is that their tiny but curvy figures are well suited to vintage sizing.

My most recent adventure? 
Bikini's,which a fair flickr friend christened Gidget!
 Elsa chose a ice pink stretch poplin for the swimsuit and an embroidered voile for the long sleeveless cover up.
As the swimmers are self lined hopefully we will not having any sheerness issues.
I am sure her siblings will happily test them for her with the garden hose.
I particularly like the way the hook is attached at the back fastening.
The elastic that allows movement forms part of the loop,very natty!
The cover up took a lot longer then I expected.
It may have been the pattern but to be fair,Matilda doesn't feed much anymore so my hormonal migraines are back with a vengeance.
I sewed this over 5 days,3 of those I was bedridden with bad heads.
It used quite a few facings,which in retrospect I could have omitted as I double layered the bodice.
I did like the hem facing which utilised a mitred corner.
Very neat!
It fits beautifully.
I think I may need something similar for this summer at Robe.
Just the job if Jack has a pool party again this year!

Our vintage love affair certainly continues.

x N


  1. Lurve the Gidget love affair!
    And the back of that bikini top :-)

  2. Thank you Justine.
    There are some more photos in the FTF pool but you will need to be logged in.
    Zara modelled for me as Elsa was riding and now Zara think she needs a pair too!
    xx N

  3. You did suh a great job on this swim suit and cover up! I love the back closer for it too. So much better than anything that can be bought!

    1. Thank you Sharon,the swimmers were super quick and really just like any other woven garment so I was fine with those.
      The cover up was worth it,it looks so lovely on,much neater then an over size tee!
      xx N

  4. I adore the cover up! Where are you finding all your vintage pattern goodness?

    1. I found it on Ebay Cindy(or rather Elsa did).
      I have one cut for Zara and then I will send it to you. Its one size so I doubt I will use it again.
      xx N

  5. This is fabulous. I love the shots of the cover up.

    1. Thanks Melani,
      Zara is a great little model.
      xx N

  6. What a classy, beautiful ensemble. Yay, vintage!

  7. Thank you!
    I wish I could wear vintage too but the waist is so tiny!
    xx N