Friday, February 8, 2013

Hugo's Moving Out!

But only at Boatswains.
About six months ago we purchased a second hand caravan to take up to our beach cottage for an extra bedroom.
At $450 it was a lot less then building on.
It needed a good scrub and a little bit of work.
As this was for Hugo and they don't get one until Hugo's is finished Elsa and Zara decided enough was enough and it was time it was sorted!
So,last Sunday,The Twins organised a working bee.
They scrubbed every little bit of the interior,including the fridge and the stove.
With some new curtains and cupboard knobs it should come up a treat.
Hugo washed down the outside and he has been sanding and painting the ceiling after school each night.

Any suggestions for fabric for the curtains?

xx N


  1. How about an Aussie theme interior: recover seat cushions in bold striped fabric of flag colours (red, white,, curtains solid white with red or dk. blue band 8cm inside perimeter,(or white roller blinds with same treatment) star shaped knobs, for long handles use boomerangs, white duvet on bed with flag throw pillows, vase on table filled with little Australian flags, Outback hat (s) as wall art.......

  2. What clever girls! You know how I love a good old caravan! I like Deb's idea of red, white and blue...
    I love patchwork and floral, plenty of random colours and prints, but seeing as it's Hugo's, perhaps not!
    Good luck with it!

  3. What a fun project! I say, go bold with fabric choices.;)

  4. It is cute as can be! As far as decor choices, I vote for over-the-top kitsch. :-)

  5. hahahaha Andrew is suggesting velvet.... "Hello Ladies of Tintinara!" and naming it "Hugo's Love Shack" ... for when he's older of course!
    His serious suggestion is for cricket blazer type striped fabric/college stripes.

    Great work girls!

  6. What a fun caravan it will be!
    -ticking stripes?
    -wildlife fabric (i.e., fish or ducks or moose or cattails, etc.)?
    Such helpful girls too (the new ginge is very flattering).

  7. Seriously fun! I always had a thing for caravans when I was young. How about orange and navy? Floral mixed with stripes?

  8. Thanks for all the ideas!
    Some great suggestions and one dubious one.
    (Not quite ready to build my son a 'shag' pad')

    Hugo found a quilt cover he liked on eBay today. He bid and won!
    So soon,all shall be revealed!

    xx N