Saturday, September 23, 2017

Vintage Cape Part 2- The Replacement

Do you remember the navy cape Tilly gave to her special friend?
I finally finished the replacement.
Just as sweet the second time around.
The original was a navy cashmere blend and while I did not have any of that left I did have some nice navy wool coating that would suit.
But she wanted something different.
Some woollen coating from Eliza's in Sunshine, the same cloth I cut Zara's soft jacket and Hugo's Peacoat (WIP). 
$12/m, very wide and not too many flaws.
The fabric is very cheap (from Eliza's) but can have flaws or small holes, I generally hang my cuts in front of the window and mark the imperfections, before cutting.
This was a much easier sew and my bagging of the lining was very successful.
My last one was a bit dodgy, the cashmere 'grew' as I sewed it.
As for the lining...
Feast your eyes on this me-laddies!
Tildy chose this remnant of cherry coloured red stretch satin for the lining $2.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I absolutely love the epaulettes.
I also love the cherry red lining.
The buttons on it are super cute with the pretty pattern.
The colour on the fabric is perfect to match the cherry red lining.
It makes me happy when I wear it because I gave my other one to my friend.
The red lining makes me feel happy and reminds me of flowers. When I wore it to school my teacher and my friends all liked it.
When I wear it out I feel special.
~My Verdict~
The sewing was so much smoother this time around. I was able to properly bag the lining with a good size 'lip' around the hem.
Slashing the inside lining to make the hand holes was still utterly terrifying.
Tildy chose some heavy metal brass buttons, I wasn't keen, I wanted brown knotted leather but once again, my clever children were right.
They are perfect.
Although it looks straight forward it is a reasonably complex sew logging in 6 hours sewing time.
I just wish we lived somewhere posher to warrant making another.

Thank you for reading
xx N


  1. What a lovely garment! I already had admired the blue one. The collar is very cute. I can believe that it was frightening to cut into this lucious lining. Probably you cut into the finished garment so that it wouldn't be displaced (similar to sewing pockets together)? Tilly looks great in her cape!

    1. I am sure that is why you wait until the garment is finished, to make sure it is lined up. Utterly terrifying though...
      Thank you
      xx N

  2. Oh this does look good! Well chosen Tilly!

  3. It's stunning! I LOVE Tilly's choices of buttons and lining. Just perfect.

    1. Yes, that lining is gorgeous. I would love to take you scuffing through the remnant table.
      xx N

  4. Ahhhhh!!!! That lining!! Spectactular! It looks wonderfully warm and cozy. And her verdict, that it makes her happy because she gave a matching one to her friend ... that's everything right there. Good girl. <3

    1. Thank you!
      I was pretty proud of her and she has not mentioned once regretting it.
      I do sort of like the fact she went completely different, it meant that she is not fussed.
      xx N

  5. You've done well with that wool coating - lots of lovely garments from it ;o)

  6. Thank you, we did so well, #ninjacuttingforthewin.
    xx N

  7. Baby A's verdict: "thank you for the lovely cape, I love it. The buttons are nice and shiny. I like the red lining on your grey one. It's just like mine, except different colors.😄🔘"