Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vintage Dungarees OOP Style 2263 Vintage Blouse OOP McCalls 2695

Another gorgeous remnant from The Drapery
Some luscious cotton velvet, another fabric gift from Beamish.
Tildy immediately claimed it and requested dungarees.
So she would feel like a baby seal.
I tossed around the Loveralls but the velvet was rigid and they really need a stretch fabric.
I had a look though my vintage patterns and found...
Tilly fit in the chest measurement just fine and there was little shaping to the legs so I just added length, folding back the bell bottom to more straight leg.
But I forgot about the straps.
I forgot to lengthen the straps again.
Luckily, I remembered before I had finished the front facing so I added an extension at the front.
To try a make a mistake into a feature I used some fancy buttons I picked up in Melbourne.
The very simple design lets the velvet do all the talking.
I do love my little girls in dungarees.
The back elastic help with the fit, the shoulder straps are stitched in the middle to stop them twisting.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the buttons and how they are adjustable. (The straps)
The pocket on the front is very cute and my tiny hands fit in there perfectly.
They are very warm and snuggly and also very fluffy to play in.
They so fluffy and I love them so much.
~My Verdict~
I think I got very lucky with this sew. I can't believe I forgot the straps a second time.
Although it is simple pattern it did sew up nicely and Tildy finds them very comfortable.
I reversed the nap of the velvet (A Liesl tip) for an extra lush look.
The puff sleeve blouse is sewn from another Drapery purchase.
A double gauze-type stuff with a abstract copper coloured dot.
Very soft and silky.
I used a similar pattern to the one I used to make Trixie's, sewed  up in a size 8.
It is a bit big but that is okay!
Jed has been ringing around the Spotlight stores in Australia and has got Tilly 2m of copper coloured denim for shiny, shiny overalls for next Winter, there should be enough left for a shiny, shiny skirt too.
It took some serious #ninjacutting to get this blouse out of the metre cut.
I did end up with a 'blank' strip down one side of the zipper but I think it is fine.
Again, I left out the stiffening from the sleeve cap and let the gathers fall softly.
This 'statement piece' style of blouse works well under pinnies and dungarees.  

Thank you for reading xx N


  1. Such gorgeous fabrics! I love that Tilly wanted to feel like a baby seal, and her backwards glance in that photo is so sweet. Well done!

    1. Thank you!
      Tilly has always been a very tactile child, preferred velvet or fluffy over patterns.
      xx N

  2. "They are so fluffy!!" Love this so much!

  3. Those are seriously cute clothes and I love the top. Who would have thought that with a modern fabric that pattern would look so on-trend? Beautiful. Your children are so fortunate to have such a talented mum.

  4. Thank you!
    I must confess, I saw the look on pinterest and then hunted out the pattern.
    xx N

  5. I think your dotty fabric is nani iro. Some of the other styles are gorgeous watercolors.