Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thread Theory Goldstream Peacoat.

GOLD, gold, always believe in you so-oh...
I had my (swoon) favourite song from my teens running through my head as I made this latest sew for Beamish.
A Thread Theory Goldstream peacoat, cropped.
Really, really cropped.
80's New Romantic pop star cropped.
Now, The 'Go has a very particular style. I love it, I get to sew him some great clothes... but I wasn't too sure about this one.
For at least a year Hugo has been showing me pictures of cropped, fitted pea-coats.
I picked up some grey woollen coat fabric in Melbourne and with some serious #ninjacutting I was able to cut Tilly's capeZara's soft jacket and this number from 3 1/2m.
I sewed the same size as last time (handy) but we cropped that sucker!
We also left off the hood and front pockets but made the interior pocket a wee bit larger.
The signature red button was a must as were the epaulets
The buttons are enamelled coconut shell, lush!
Love these buttons.
The lining is apparel, stretch satin.
I used satin in his last coat and some of the seams had taken some wear so I now use stretch satin when I can.
I applied sheer weft interfacing to the lining sleeve caps as well as the main.
This lining has good ease, the generous back vent helps too.
Hopefully he doesn't split the seams on this one.
Since making Hugo's first coat I have learnt how to bag a lining thanks to Nana Deb's awesome instructions 
Seriously, the easiest method I have used.
Thank you Deb!
~Hugo's Verdict~
On our annual pilgrimage to (Elizas?) in Sunshine, Melbourne for fabric, Mum and I found a lovely grey wool that I really liked the look of.
 I had been toying with the idea of asking Mum to make me a new coat and when I saw the fabric it was exactly what I was after. 
My black Peacoat fits me very nicely still and keeps me nice and warm when commuting to university in the morning but becomes a little cumbersome to carry around the rest of the day when it warms up. With this in mind I asked Mum if she could make me a waist length peacoat.
 With the long list of other items to be sewn I expected to wait until next Winter to wear the coat but was extremely lucky due to some machine issues that my coat was bumped up the list and t made before the end of the cold weather. 

The coat is exactly what I was after keeping me warm in the mornings and nice and easy to carry around throughout the warmer parts of the day. With the nice structured military styled body it has it makes me stand up straighter and pampers my vanity as I think it makes me look taller. The custom inside pocket for my phone is fantastic too as it makes reaching my phone so much easier when sitting down and when on the move. In short I am over the moon with this coat and somewhat disappointed the cold weather is disappearing.

~My Verdict~
I enjoyed this sew.
Thread Theory are an absolute pleasure to sew and the fact that I did not have to piece that bloody sheet together a second time definitely enhanced the experience.
Bagging the lining made it so much quicker, eliminating hours of hand sewing and making a sturdier garment too.
I can see a glaring mistake with the front. I should have reduced the front slope, I can see it hangs down when fastened.
Not about to fix it though...
Do I like it?
Not really but he does and that is what counts.

Excuse me while I dance away...

Thanks for reading xx N

Photo credit to Zara and a lovely girl Hugo bailed up at Uni.


  1. Love it, very "in" right now! And excellent song reference, listening to it now....

    1. I am still not sure but what the heck, he be happy, I be happy.
      Thank you for coming I am sorry that the chairs are all gone....
      xx N

  2. I love it!! It's so hip and interesting! It does have a 1820s/1960s/1980s Romantic (capital R) military brass band vibe. Hugo has great style, he knows what works and what doesn't.

    1. You can see why I say Joe is a little Hugo, knows what they like and not afraid to own it!
      Thank you.
      'Round and round it goes, and no body knows....
      xx N

  3. Here's a funny (and relevant) story... Jay and I were at a work conference and we were well into sampling the free drinks when the live entertainment started. This guy started belting out Spandeau Ballets best and I commented on how he really did sound like Tony Hadley. Jay spun me round to face the stage and whispered 'that's because it IS Tony Hadley sweetheart' I nearly dropped my Pina Colada!
    Gorgeous sewing as always. I always enjoy your Thread Theory makes!

    1. NO WAY!
      You are now officially the coolest person I know!

      Thank you xx N

  4. Ah, Spandau Ballet was my first ever pop concert, at Memorial Drive! Tony Hadley (definite crush at the time!) was wearing a jacket with cut out bits at the front and I remember the review in the paper said it looked like someone had left the iron on it too long :D
    I think this looks cool and I love that Hugo is so defined in his style. Great job as always!

  5. You got to a concert? Lucky.
    Love the stories that are being shared.

    Thank you, you should see Beamish soon, he is after some more Capel.
    xx N

  6. Amazing work, can't believe you got those three garments out of 3.5 m! I have been following your blog for awhile and finally got to Elizas last month and had to show great restraint. Thankyou for the tip! I love your sewing. You are such a kind mum :)

    1. It was some serious ninja cutting Amelia. I spent an age jiggling it and I just couldn't make the hood work.

      I am so glad you got there, I have to make list and stick to it or I get thoroughly over excited.

      Thank you for reading.
      xx N