Sunday, September 10, 2023

OOP McCall's 3636 Bustier and Lekala Skirt #2014 for Lidia, for Med Ball.

*Please note, there are moving graphics in this Blog post, please be aware if you are sensitive to this.*

 I am so excited to share this sew do I say that every time?

The theme for Med Ball 2023? 

Stranger Things!

 I personally love this show and it is the reason I gave in and purchased a Netflix subscription. Hugo showed me a 10 minute teaser for the show in 2015 (before it was released) and I knew I had to watch it. 

I begged Liddy to let me design her dress and, swamped with study and exams, she gave me carte blanche.

First, the demigorgon. This creature is an important character through out all four series. I wanted to incorporate it without being too costume-y. 

Several years ago I picked a scrap of a velvety heavy weight fabric from a basket outside an upholstery store (they frequently have a 'free to take' option) at the time I had no idea what I would make with but I KNEW it would be handy. 
As soon as Lidia mentioned the theme I fished it out. I cut five pairs of petal shapes, sewing them by machine and then hand-sewing them together to make my gorgon-corsage. I create the centre I covered a large button with black velvet and hand tacked and then used Gorilla glue to secure it firmly. To make it attachable and adaptable I glued a brooch/hair barrette to the back.

Then, the teeth. Originally I was going to use clear bugle beads and then I thought about pearl, tear drop shaped beads but they just were not right. So, after and hour of Googling 'teeth shaped beads' I finally  found the perfect ones on Etsy I ordered them and crossed my fingers that they would arrive in time.

Onto the bustier. This was the only piece that Lids made a request on. I was going to do the same as the last two but she asked if I could make the strapless View E.

Once again, I made the lining first and used that as a fitting muslin. I applied interfacing to each piece before sewing. Boning is then attached to the lining followed by the bust padding.

The main bustier is sewn from cotton velvet from deep stash.

The skirt is rather fabulous. Its Lekala #2014

It is actually part of a wedding dress set. The train at the back creates a lot of drama which is exactly what we were looking for. When I had the pattern made I increased the length so it would drape onto the ground behind her.

The fabric is an unusual mix of organza and feathers, I purchased with a bulk lot of fabric from a Melbourne designer. 

I lined the skirt with satin and constructed it so it actually can be reversed.

Once the three pieces were put together I was absolutely thrilled, the look was just what I was after.

I am so grateful that Lidia trusted my vision for this ensemble. 

I think the 'spooky' feel is there without being too costume-y

I mentioned to Lidia that her boyfriend Ben would look fabulous wearing a red tuxedo jacket. She wanted me to sew one but I knew (with Elsa's wedding fast approaching) I just didn't have time. 

I couldn't believe it when I found the perfect one on Facebook Market Place for under $50.

They both looked incredible.

There was not a door prize for Best Dressed but Liddy said she had so many people coming up to her to comment she couldn't keep up.

The demigorgon was a huge hit so totally worth the nearly 10 hours sewing time.

I can't wait for Med Ball next year, I wonder what the theme will be...
Thank you for reading... xx Nicole 

PS Apologies for the weird font change, I have no clue what happened.
My skills are sewing not blogging xx


  1. Absolutely stunning!!!!! Did you add a bottle for ease off walking out dancing or is she just awesome at walking with a train???? I've never seen this show but super this dress I may have to!!!!

    1. Thank you!
      No, she just held it when dancing and walking. I do recommend the show. I loved it!

  2. This is such a fabulous outfit! I love the demigorgon - but also that it can be removed, because the skirt and corset look beautiful and can be worn as a non-costume evening set.

    1. Thank you Suzy. That was the very idea, the girls happily reuse formal and ball gowns and reinvent a look. I do have a special love for thta demigorgon. xx Nicole