Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sewist #5584109 dress and #5596898 top for Lidia, for Elsa's wedding


More wedding sewing.

Lidia's turn.

Matilda and Lidia chose very different looks for Elsa's wedding. As Lids was deep in exam prep she sent me a photo and left it in my hands. I, in turn, hand balled the pattern design to Matilda and she jumped on to Sewist

First, she made the blouse, Sewist #5596898 . There was not an option for a full collar and ruffle so I modified the pattern.

The blouse is very slim fitting, so much so I could not get it on my mannequin for photos. If I sew it again I will use a longer zipper. The fabric is an unusual broderie. The flowers are finished with a rubber finish which made ironing a challenge. I have had the fabric in my stash for 20 years. It was purchased from a South Australian clothing company run by the lovely Annette Coleman, chetWynd. 

A pressing cloth was a necessity.

The pinafore dress Matilda designed was perfect! Sewist #5584109

The fabric was a lucky find on eBay. It is a 1960's brocade that was pristine.

I am nor sure of the fabric composition. It was inclined to fray and was not easily pressed. In all, a reasonably challenging sew.

The pattern was perfect, every piece fitted together just so.

I used a regular zipper, not invisible, as I find them sturdier.

I lined the pinafore with blue satin.

And hand sewed down all the facings.

I added some bust padding, sandwiching it between the lining and main. This is a standard practice I do with Lidia's dresses.

It ended up being just as lovely from the inside.

The complete outfit was made without fitting, just relying on Lidia's measurement and the custom made pattern. The only adjustment I had to do was shorten the straps by a few cm.

A very pretty outfit.

The wedding was beautiful.

The evening was a bit chilly so Lids swapped her blouse for a merino skivvy.

A wonderful night was had by all.

Sewist definitely make sewing for an absent client easier.

After the wedding, Lidia mentioned that show wouldn't mind another blouse sewn, with fuller sleeves, so I tried my hand and pattern making.

How do you think I did?

I purchased two remnants of silk burnout chiffon to make the sleeves 

And this gorgeous georgette for the main body.

I shall let you know how it goes!

Thank you for reading... xx Nicole 

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