Thursday, April 7, 2011

On to the Market(pattern)

I feel that I have a handle on the Portfolio Dress,Tunic,Blouse and Pants pattern now ....on to something new!

The Market blouse is unbearably sweet and very quick to make up.

I made the toile in light weight denim in a size 12,my measurements put me in a 14.
The only changes I needed to make were as follows ....
A slightly smaller bust dart.
Side seams sewn with a 3/8' seam.
The size 14 sleeve band was a better fit,I may even add 1/4' to it for the next one.
I sewed the neck band with a larger seam allowance.
Finally I only did a scant hem,I may add 1/2'.

Baby is asleep,I am off to make another one!


  1. You are starting to make me feel inadequate. I actually have this cut out, and my measurements put me in a 14 as well, but I have not sewn it up yet because after my market skirt fail I'm skeered. I'm going to do exactly what you did and make the 14 arm band. and I WILL finish some Lisette sewing this weekend. How do you have the TIME?!!!

  2. Thank you Susanne!

    Unless you have very toned arms I would go with the 14 on the arm bands Heather! It was a weeee bit squeezy on my bingo wings!
    Thank you for reading!


  3. Words fail me Nicole! This would be gorgeous in some Liberty!

  4. I have a piece in mind Justine.....
    Thank you!

  5. Oh lovely! You are such an inspiration.

  6. So lovely! I can't wait to make mine. You make everything look easy :) Oh and do you ever sleep?

  7. Oh, so nice! This is the only Lisette I don't have, now I think I need it! :)

  8. Thank you Jan!

    It WAS easy Sarah,I get lots of sleep,however my sewing cupboard is a disaster as I let my baby play in there so I can sew!
    Thank you.

    I purchased this pattern for the skirt Emily,but Jed really liked the blouse!
    I thought it was very sweet but a bit girly? However,in the plain fabric it is lovely and groovy-not to prissy at all.
    Thank you Emily.

  9. I love this one too! I am still struggling to finish the has been one of those weeks!

  10. Sorry to miss this comment Millie!
    I loved your knit Portfolio.