Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portfolio In Linen & How to do the pockets

Have you seen the new Lisette Patterns?

The Portfolio dress is my favourite.

A unique feature of this dress is the front pocket.

Stay stitch the necklines and gather the top front edge

Interface one side of the front yoke and draw up the gathering threads on the front to match.
Sandwich the gathered front between the two yokes and stitch.

Trim the seam and press seams up to the yoke.

I like to top stitch the front to yoke seam.
Following the pattern,stay stitch the three raw edges.
Stay stitch between notch and dot(I cut a notch at the dot)

Pin the pockets in place matching notches.

Following the pattern,trim the seam UP to the dot(notch).
This is where you snipped on the front only(see step 6)
Clipped front to dot(step 6)

Press seam to pocket facing and understitch.
Stitch this seam to pocket facing
The pocket facing(step 8)
The clipped edge close up
I choose to top stitch the pocket edge here
Top stitch up to the clipped edge
Step 9(Which is very well explained to you in the pattern,so I will not repeat the instructions)
Step 9
Step 9
Step 9,The seam allowance
Step 9,The pinned seam
Step 9,The pinned seam
Step 9,The pinned seam
Finish the seam.

The finished seams
I like to press the seams inwards and top stitch down to meet the pocket topstitching.

The 'matched up' top stitching.

And there are your pockets!
I apologise for all the photos,it was a step that made me may find it quite straight forward!
I have edited out the 'fluffy bits',this post was only ever intended for a few friends to read. If it is helpful to you that is my pleasure.
Regards Nicole.

Guess what Ladies?
The Portfolio has been re-released here.


  1. Thanks Nicole - I like pics!!!

  2. Excellent. I have this dress on my list so this will come in very handy.

  3. How nice to have this available when I get to this pattern. Thanks!

  4. Oh good Justine!
    I made the first one and then when I got to the second thought 'How did I do this'?

    Thanks Kristy,the pattern instructions are very good but sometimes I need to see something!

    My pleasure Jan,I hope you are keeping well!

    Thank girls!
    x N

  5. I have mine made, but still not photographed! Thanks, as always, for this...It is a rather confusing part of the pattern. I love mine by the way!

  6. Thanks Nicole, I'll have this handy for when I sew it!

  7. I found it confusing,Millie,not hard,just a little 'Now how did I do that'?
    I am looking forward to seeing yours!

    My pleasure Susanne,I hope it is some help!

    Thank you! X N

  8. Thank you, Nicole! I'm still looking for the perfect fabric for this one - so looking forward to trying it, and I'll come back and look at your photos when I do the pockets.

  9. My pleasure Catherine,I love mine(I have made several)and live in them.
    I look forward to seeing yours!

  10. I have just come over to your blog after leaving a comment a on Pinterest pin which I believe you made. I would hate to think you felt I was being disrespectful; I really was not. A friend pinned this and I looked up the pattern and sewed my first dress in about ten years last Autumn: I've made four or five dresses since then. It's probably fair to say you got me well on the way to starting to sew again!

    It's difficult to 'get' a person's personality through an online comment and I'm so sorry that mine could have been misread. Thank you for this post, and for my Portfolio inspiration.

  11. Thank you!
    What a lovely comment to find,I am pleased if this post was helpful at all.

    I am very new to blogging,computing and mixing with a sophisticated world in general after spending many years nannying and then having children of my own.

    I did misinterpret you comment but took it on and have been more circumspect with my writing since,which I think has improved it!
    So,in a way,you did me a favour.
    My content will better and I have toughened up.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  12. I'm just now making this dress and found your pictures EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you for photographing and doing all of this.

  13. Oh, that is so lovely!
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    Do make sure you share your finished garment in the Lisette Flickr group.
    xx N

  14. I love your dress and tutorial. I wish I had the original pattern! If anyone can share, please contact me I am so sad that I am late to the party and missed out on the original :'(

  15. Thank you Patty, perhaps leave the size you want?
    xx N

    1. I need a size 14. The Liesl one of the s not quite as awesome as this one. Still looking for a pattern!

    2. Patty, are you in AUS? I don't want my copy anymore but it is not perfect, it has been used.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I'm in the US. Is it difficult to send? I would only need the dress pieces.

  16. What sizes are available and is it to be purchased? The pattern.

  17. If you Google Liesl+Co you will find a very similar pattern.
    xx N

  18. Not the same. The beautiful neck line is totally different. So sad she can't print her own pattern as so many people want it!

  19. It is a shame, pity you didn't find me sooner, I have given my two copies away.