Monday, April 4, 2011

Portfolio Pants-How to do the zipper AND the waistband

This time I managed to get the zip on the correct side!

Fold back your seam allowances as directed by the pattern instructions.

Pin the back of the pants to the zipper as per instructions.

Using your zipper foot,topstitch the zipper in place.

Pin and baste the other side in place. Topstitch,following the patterns directions.

The inside view.

After stitching.

Pin the yoke facing in place as per instructions.

Stitch,trim,press the allowances towards the facing and stitch. (The chalk line is where to stitch)

Press in your seam allowances. Fold over and pin in place.

Topstitch from the OUTSIDE catching your facing on the inside.
Follow your zipper stitching.

Neat and tidy on the inside!

Neat and tidy on the outside!

Pin the inside facing and follow the pattern instructions or topstitch on the outside yoke.

Ta-dah Lisette Portfolio Pants!


  1. Very nice! I like these ones very much. Your sewing is very tidy!

  2. My favourite Susanne! Until I make the next pair .....
    Thank you!

  3. Oh thank you Nicole!! I was very intimidated by the zipper, but just reading through these directions I think I've got it! :)

  4. Thats great Emily!
    Mine does not look exactly like the pattern picture,but the zip still functions and the facings stop the zip back scratching your skin.
    Thanks for reading!

  5. awesome! I was very worried about this process. Zippers still make me nervous in garments.

  6. Thanks Heather Jane!
    I made another pair today in heavy denim using a vintage metal zip. I was worried I would pinch my wobbly bits zipping them up,so I made a little flap to go underneath.
    I will blog that tonight when its off-peak time!

  7. This is wonnderful Nicole. Do you think this type of zipper would work on the back of a skirt? I am making a skirt for my Mother at the moment, and ws thinking about this instead of an invisible zipper.

  8. I absolutely think it would work Millie!
    I have been a way and only just got your message-sorry!
    I saw your groovy mum in her skirt,it looks fab!