Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Lisette,you are a bad influence!

The daughters are not happy,because ....... Mummy has found a new friend and her name is Lisette!

First there was the Portfolio Dress ...
And now I have discovered the Portfolio Pants.

My first pair was too small,thank you for all your sweet comments while I sulked!

These pants are lovely and so comfortable.

And I am being very brave and 'tucking in'.

And I am NOT wearing my Bridget Jones knickers!

I love them,Hubby loves them,Everyone is happy 

(Except the Girls)


  1. You look gorgeous in your new portfolio pants and fancy shoes!

  2. Thank you!
    I am very self conscious of my tummy since I had the last baby,but Jed encouraged me to show the photos,so girls would see they suit real bodies as well as twiggy models!

  3. Lovely! I appreciate seeing them on someone with a similar body. The pants look great on you and I luv the shoes!

  4. Thank you Cindy!
    I have a thing for shoes! I could blog them one day!

  5. Those are some seriously great pants!! Those always intimidate me. They looks very chic and yes, your shoes are awesome!

  6. They look wonderful on you, but I'm afraid that I may have to tuck if I make them! Or wear my Spanx! Or both! You look great!
    The shoes are wonderful too!

  7. They look fab on you - glad you stuck with it! And yes please, you should definitely blog about all your shoes and boots. Hubby said he likes the boots you are wearing with your Portfolio dress. Looks like I'm going boot shopping (maybe he'll spring for a pair :-)

  8. Thanks Heather,don't be intimidated,they are so easy to fit. I sewed the inside leg first,basted the crotch(hate that word)seam,darts and outer leg,slipped them on and adjusted.
    They have a flat front,which is far more flattering if you have a tummy and they are a good roomy fit through the thigh.

    Millie,I am only tucking to show the detail,the Portfolio blouse is the perfect length to wear over them.
    Thank you

    Thank you Susanne,now I have he pattern sorted these will be my go to pants!
    Yes,those boots tend to attract a lot of mail attention-Jed bought them for me!

  9. Whoops,that would be 'the' pattern sorted and ''male' attention!
    I had to stuff up the writers thank you!

  10. You have done a lovely job, Nicole! They look great on you.

    Enjoy wearing them,


  11. Those look great. I bought a few of her patterns today and can't decide what to make first.

  12. I for one really appreciate seeing these on a body like my own...baby tummy and all. I think they look great on you! Now I just have to make myself cut some fabric instead of just stalking the flickr group every day!!

  13. You made pants!?! I am super-impressed! And they look really fabulous on you! Congrats!

  14. Thank you Justine!

    I would start with the Portfolio tunic but they are all cute!
    Thank you Stephanie

    Thats the beauty of these patterns,lovely on all shapes and sizes!
    Thanks Heather Jane.

    Oh,thanks Carolyn-very easy pants!