Sunday, March 6, 2011

School Uniforms-Revisited!

I like schools to have a uniform,I know how long it takes Misses E & Z to get ready for a party!
But many of the options available are not very inspiring.
Our School has a criteria, a summer dress,a winter tunic,pale blue tops,royal blue jumpers(windcheaters),navy rugbys with a white collar and the choice of navy or grey bottoms

The Fab Four dressed for school

Miss L's not that keen on school,so to maKe it a little more palatable to her,I offered to sew her some pretty uniforms.
I probably should have approached the school and queried whether the oliver+s Jumprope dress was suitable,but after observing what some of the children turn up in I decided to try and slip under the radar.

Although Miss L fits into the size 5,I decided to go with the standard size 8 with a big hem!
This means the dresses should fit her until she is ready to wear the twins dresses.

I was able to cut 5 dresses from the remaining fabric I had.
2 View A's and 3 View B's.
I used all the lovely details,hoping that in a single fabric they would not draw too much attention.
My one concession was the mother-of-pearl buttons instead of the plastic white ones that are usually used.

So far not so much as a dicky bird .... I have never been so delighted NOT to receive a compliment on my sewing!


  1. I think this pattern makes a lovely school uniform dress . I am wanting to make one for my 7 year old daughter this summer ( we are in the UK, so have a little time yet!) but the school dresses have to be gingham and a bit worried about how difficult it will be to match up

  2. It depends on the gingham Angela,I think it would be gorgeous!
    If it is a big gingham it will be easy to match up and if it is small,you just won't notice!
    I would love to see what you make!