Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who would have thought .....

that compromising could be so much FUN!

Miss Z was home poorly today.
The best type of poorly,unwell during the night,much recovered the next morning but not quite up to snuff!

So,today we planned her Winter Wardrobe.
It was such fun to devote time to just one child. Obviously,Missy M was running around but she assumes the world revolves around her anyway so she doesn't count.

Miss Z's colours? Black & Orange!
Okay,deep breath,don't panic ...... Wow,that sound's stunning,lets look in the box room and see what we can find.
Her face was worth a million dollars-you could see her thinking ''Mum didn't say No''!
First we squirreled out a divine piece of charcoal with a thin amber stripe wool suiting. I explained that charcoal was the clever girls black,much more chic and it won't show spots. Miss Z was quite happy with that,so a Sunday Brunch jacket and lengthened Sailboat trousers were ear marked for that piece.

Next up was some options for tops,I love the Hopscotch top and dress,she wasn't so keen,wanting T-shirts(which I loathe)! After some negotiations,we agreed on four Hopscotch tops to be shared with her sister IF I would put a stenciled design in the bottom corner and/or do ruched sleeves. I am not thrilled with that ,but I agreed. So we found some good quality ribbing knit in coral,grey marl and coffee cream and a black wool/poly knit for tops. She also convinced me to a Hopscotch dress out of the black wool on the proviso she ALWAYS wore it with colour!(and no grey doesn't count)!

On to bottoms,and this was very easy! Nature Walk pants in the charcoal and coral knit. Sketchbook jeans in a black stretch denim(that was mine,sob)! Sandbox pants in a light denim and a Music Class skirt in a pretty orange drill.

Finally we chose a wheaty coloured wool flannel and an amber wool knit for two Nature Walk jumpers and an second hand tan leather jacket to make into a School Days coat.

Who knows if I will get it all made? I explained that to her and she didn't seem to mind!
We cut out and stenciled the tops this afternoon,and they don't look too shabby!

I had so much fun with my beautiful first born daughter,we talked and laughed and designed for nearly two hours.

Now I need her twin to get poorly!
Sappy,aren't I?


  1. What a wonderful day! All the clothes sound very exciting!
    I am home today with my twin girls, trying to convince them that they need to use a toilet or potty...not nappies! It is not going well...I am out-nummbered!

  2. Oh Millie,they are just babies,wait until they are older!
    I hope your son is getting better,Miss L hasn't seen a Dr or had antibiotics yet either. At least he should respond quickly!
    It was a wonderful day,special to spend time with just one daughter!

  3. I call those "quality" days. A whole day one on one.
    One of my twins is coming to visit with us for the whole weekend starting Friday. No boyfriends or other friends in tow. We'll have her all to ourselves. And the best news is, she really likes the Lisette patterns (2245 in particular) so we're going to pick out fabric to make it.
    Funny thing, I have a whole lot of orange fabric leftover that she picked out years ago when she was Ms. Z age!

  4. Sounds like a lovely time. As much as I hate to see my babies grow up it is my dream to have days like this with my girls, plotting and picking out wardrobes. You're such an amazing Mom.

  5. Such a treat to spend time one-to-one! I love the sound of your box-room full of fabric too. Happy sewing!

  6. Nicole this post really made me smile. I am sad about my kids getting older but I have so much to look forward to.

  7. That sounds like fun Deb! Have a great time with your beautiful girl!
    I seem to remember liking orange at 12 as well!

    Thanks Jen,I am lucky with the spacing of my children that I get a broad range of fun times. I can discuss a novel with my very intelligent son and then play 'peepo' with my baby!

    It was a treat Catherine and she has stayed home this evening to mind the baby so I can sew her new clothes. Jed has taking the other children to an astronomy night ay the school.
    You would love my box room,20 years of fabric,purchased and given-I don't remember exactly what is in there!

    Thanks Claire,I do really enjoy my girls!

  8. That sounds like a wonderful day and the kind I dream of having someday! Hope she's mended 100% soon!

  9. Well at least if she wasn't feeling well you got to make it into something good! It does sound like a fabulous day. :)

  10. Thanks Mel,I am sure you will have many happy times with Missy A!

    It was Rebecca,now I have to pin her sister down!


  11. What a fabulous day you two had! It's so hard to have one on one time, and from the sound of it, this is a special day to remember.
    What is truly amazing is that you can just walk into your fabric room and source all this fab fabric! I think the colours will suit her perfectly...I also have complete faith that you WILL complete this list!

  12. You are such a sweetheart Justine!
    It was lovely and very special to have time with just one daughter(+baby)!
    And it is fun to go shopping with out the hassle of shopping Some people collect china. I collect material!
    Miss Z bought herself the most amazing hat this weekend gone,it goes perfectly with her colours(Miss E did as well but I will save that for her own blog)!
    Thankyou for your vote of confidence,I will do my best!