Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday @ The Beach

Last weekend it was Missy M's 2nd Birthday,so we did what we do,and headed to the beach!

Son&Heir in Sketchbook(as usual)
Missy M in her Birthday Bubble Dress.

Off course we headed to the Vic Street Cafe for cake!

Miss L in HER birthday outfit the lovely Swing Set tunic & skirt

And decisions had to be made!

They all look so yummy!

Any one I like?

I don't think the young man serving us was that thrilled at fingers on his nice clean glass. I detected a insincerity in his demeanor ...... Jed later disagreed with me,he suspected it was the result of a big night before(Jed mentioned his bleary eyes and the fact the chaps keys were still in the front door and the cafe had been opened for hours)! AND the fact the tables were laid for a huge children's birthday party,obviously being held a little later that morning. As Jed remarked,imagine serving 30+ sprogs with a hang over!

The birthday Jelly!

Huff and Puff!

Misses Z & L chose a white chocolate pudding to share ....

Take the photo-quick!

Son&Heir and Miss E went with a baked lemon cheesecake.....

But everyone ended up sharing anyway!

Slippery stuff!

Nearly got it!

Looks yummy!

Got it!

I swear Son&Heir would have stuck his whole face ...

In that pot ...

If I had let him!

Full of pudding and dreams!

oliver+s Bubble Dress

The birthday girl in all her finery!
Next,off for a walk and some shopping.
To be continued .....


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous girl - what a lovely weekend youhave all had!

  2. Such lovely photos of them all! Missy M is a dote in her bubble dress!

  3. Thank you Justine-we had the best time!

    She is a little dote Millie,and we do spoil her!
    Have to love a Bubble dress!
    Thank you!

  4. To little Miss M, I hope you had a lovely birthday! It looks like you got to have some yummy treats. You're a lucky girl to have a mommmy that sews such pretty clothes for you!

  5. Oh,thank you Susanne,what a lovely message,how very sweet of you!

  6. Even girls from here later happy birthday to your little one. we have recently 2nd our little birthday celebration. a super nice old, every day a new surprise. scenic riverside birthday pictures have you done. about the great things sewn I am amazed again and again. how you manage only so many great things to sew, my day is always so fast and I do not usually make it to sit at the sewing machine. Greetings ute with 6 wild boys and a wild girl.

  7. Thank you very much for your good wishes.
    I sew a little each day,I would like to sew more!

    With 6 boys you must do a lot of cooking!