Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss E's Moment in the Sun

It is time for my darling Miss E to choose her winter wardrobe.
Her colours?  Pink and Grey.

During my last birth I was unlucky with an epidural procedure,this has left me with back pain. It's not so bad,but making beds and vacuuming  are two jobs that I just cannot manage. I had a cleaner briefly,but then my twins asked if they could take over.
They have and they do a fantastic job,so they split the money and get a bonus $5 if they don't squabble.
You probably wondering what that has to do with new clothes?
Well,with her hard earned cash,Miss E has bought herself a long skinny cardigan in grey and pink stripes,and is she proud of it?
Thus pink and grey are the colours de jour!

First up were some tops,We found some charcoal knit to make into Hopscotch Tops with a pink graphic print stencil.
While shopping on E-bay I bought some very stretchy textured white knit,it is nice and thick for warm winter tops,so this was selected for Hopscotch tops as well!
I made those up,the flat front ones are Hopscotch tops with two backs.

Next we moved on to a 'suit' and she fell in love with some self stripe grey drill. We decided that the Lisette Passport jacket would be perfect and if it is a little large it will be good for layering over jumpers.
For bottoms she chose the Oliver+s Sailboat Pants which she thought would look groovy lengthened and  widened at the hem.
Other choices for bottoms were pale blue denim for Sketchbook 'jeans',creamy coloured drill for a Music Class skirt and,surprisingly,a chocolate brown taffeta for a swishy 2+2 skirt.

Some soft grey flannel was selected for a Nature Walk top(Mums choice,but I am sure she will like it)
White linen and a pretty candy stripe cotton for Music Class blouses and a floral pink for a 2+2 blouse. Miss Z found some orange in the same pattern and also requested a 2+2 blouse,I am very pleased as I felt they needed a 'girly' touch.

Both twins then were very busy labelling their fabric and choosing buttons and trim and I have now have to baskets of beautiful fabric to get busy with!

Next up Misses L & M .....

Thanks for reading


  1. Very nice! I adore all your finishing, it always looks so polished. And that picture of the two of you at top is so sweet, so pretty!

  2. I am always amazed at how many fabrics you have on hand! I am also amazed at how you plan their wardrobes and follow through on those plans...not to mention how lovely everything always is!
    I have started giving my older kids pocket money for work they do around the house and with the little has amazing powers!

  3. Oh, pink and grey - so pretty! They will suit Miss E perfectly. Can't wait to see everything!

    We link pocket money to chores too! (but must start adding to their chore list!)

  4. Pink and gray are such lovely colors together! Can't wait to see how the Passport jacket looks, what size will you be making for her?

  5. Thanks Susanne,Son took the photo.
    What a lovely compliment,'polished' thats so sweet of you!

    Oh Millie,a few wines a we would have some fun!
    It is always getting added to. E-bay bargain's and kind people dropping off boxes from Granny's cupboard.
    The girls know there are no promises I will get it all done!
    If our chaps get a little lazy,we bump up the jobs list AND the wages,it seems to work well.

    Its very 80's Justine,she bought it from Target with $35 hard earned,it so dodgy I am hand washing to keep it as nice as possible for her.
    Should I post a photo of all the fabric? It looks lovely.

    I think I will make the 6,I don't think it will look too silly on the large size?
    Pink and grey does suit her,
    Thanks Cindy

    X N

  6. I would personally love to see her fabric choices! And I'm glad you're making them MC skirts. Haven't seen them yet on your girls!

  7. I have not made them yet Mel,very excited to try!
    I wish I had my camera back,Son's doesn't seem very true to colours.