Thursday, March 3, 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

And so it begins .....

Autumn/Winter 2011.

Coffee coloured cotton/silk knit as soft as a baby's cheek.
Extra long ruched sleeves
Chocolate brown silk screen lettering

The same jersey knit
3/4 ruched sleeves
milky white silk screen stencil

Thick stretchy knit
Slim fit sleeves
White silk screen stencil

Three versions of the oliver+s Hopscotch Top.
And this is the casual end of her wardrobe! I don't love it,but I don't hate it,and I have to admit it ...
She's  got some style that girl-o-mine!


  1. They are all gorgeous! I see you've overlapped the yoke in different directions on the two last shirts. Is it serendipitous or do you have a system?

    (I think I remember seeing Liesl having her sample sewn opposite to what was on the pattern sleeve - and I was just curious, I haven't done this design yet.)

  2. For me Lotta,it just depends on which way ends up being better sewn.
    The neater side goes on top!
    Thank you,she will be thrilled that you like them!

  3. Mine are varying too and the neat one wins top seat!

    These are very nice. The girls really do have style, and I hope that when the age of expression comes for A that something this clean, but still edgy and stylish, is what I can keep her favoring! You're girls truly are trend setters.

  4. Thanks Mel,I mourn the pretty things but is is fun seeing what they come up with and we are having some great talks!

  5. I LOVE the chandelier stencil!! I would totally wear that.

  6. Wonderful, and so nice that you had some quality bonding time, to boot! There are plenty of folks out there who would pay big bucks for this "casual" wardrobe.

  7. Thanks Camille,I will pass that on to her!

    It is a great 'non-pressure' situation to start some important conversations.
    We did see some similar tops in a chain store and they were $25,but the fabric wasn't as nice.
    These pieces were remnants from years back!
    Thanks Susanne!


  8. LOVE the stencils Nicole! These are gorgeous tops - see, you've already put a big dent in the list!

  9. Thanks Justine,I purchased the stencils(not the chandelier,obviously)for Son a few years back,but after a girlfriend stirred him up with a story about a mate who purchased a t-shirt with a asian symbol of his name and it turned out to say 'w*nker' he refused to wear it!
    The girls don't seem to have the same scruples!