Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday @ The Beach Part 2

After morning tea a little light shopping was deemed desirable.

Three sisters finding treasures ...

First up was 'Holiday',where we drooled over beautiful silver jewelry,baskets,beaded headbands,scarves,lovely oils and all those gorgeous things that men really don't understand but (mine) are very tolerant of.

Ohhh,Mummy! Look at this!

This shop smells divine ....... How I wish I could capture that in my blog! But I did purchase several bottles of lime and passionfruit oil to try and recreate it at home ..... mmmmm,bliss!

This time I took ALL THREE big girls in at once,normally I do it in shifts,but they have proven to be careful and the owner is very relaxed.
OOOOH Mummy,may I show you something?-How many times do you think I heard that?

Now Miss Z was terribly keen to keep moving,she had something to show me as did her twin. I was a bit cross they had forgotten their hats,however I soon found out why!

It turns out the last time we were in Robe(Miss L's birthday)the twins spotted these hats in a rather posh little boutique. I was wondering where the orange inspiration came from.

It also explains why Miss Z has been so helpful the last month wanting to do all those horrid jobs(like cleaning the fridge).

Miss E had money put away from house cleaning to buy hers,so she gave her sister a little extra to help her buy hers.
The lovely owner remembered the girls from last time and very kindly knocked 20% of the price for them!
Very Lucky Girls!

Missy M finds her twin!

All that shopping had given us quite an appetite.


Unfortunately the birthday girl was suffering from too much sugar and not enough sleep so we decided to grab our pizza to go and head back to our cottage.
When we got back a visitor was waiting for us!

A frill neck lizard

Miss E desperately wanted to hold it.
I said 'No'!
I am sure I can remember Harry Butler getting his nose bitten ......

A new hat and a close encounter with a lizard ..... what more could a girl want?

After a quick swim,we had to head home early the next day. Farm jobs to do. Don't know when we will head back,my birthday is next and thats not until the winter solstice!

Thanks for reading!
X N 


  1. Looks like a great time! The little flower you added to the bodice of Miss M's dress is a lovely touch.

  2. Thanks Cindy,we did have a great time!
    Its a little brooch so you can take it off if it gets grubby or pin it on her cardy!
    Thank you for reading.
    X N

  3. Very crafty big girls, to scheme and work for those hats! Happy Birthday Little One!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes Johanna,and weren't they crafty and very good at keeping quiet!

  5. I forgot to say Happy Birthday last time I commented. What a fun time you have there. The girls are very clever to have their hats chosen from last time, and to buy them themselves! What lovely hats they are too!

  6. Oooo, can I come shopping next time?!
    Cleaning the fridge - you mean I can add that to the kids' chore list? Now I know why I had children!!
    You must share your birthday with my hubby (or very close to!)

  7. Thank you Millie,it is just so relaxing at the beach,it doesn't matter how busy things are on the farm when you pull in the drive way and smell that sea air,you can't help but unwind!
    The girls did well,saving up and keeping mum!

    Course you can come Justine!
    I know cleaning the fridge-isn't it great?
    June 22nd thats me!