Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Compromise Dress!

Sometimes,you need to compromise.

You might think this is a Hopscotch Dress and you would be correct.

However,it is also a Compromise Dress!

Lately I have noticed the Twins are not as enthusiastic about my fabric and pattern choices for them.

Not rude per say,just not as excited.

I worried that my sewing days for them were numbered and that tore my heart out,this was our 'thing' designing the outfits,choosing fabrics,putting the pieces together.

And then the new Lisette Patterns were released and they were thrilled!
 I realized,just because they still fitted into my beloved oliver+s patterns,maybe they had out grown them in other ways ....

So,last weekend,when we were doing our monthly shopping trip,I took the Twins into a chain store and asked them to show me what THEY liked-Honestly and Truthfully!

It wasn't so bad,it was just a little different to what I had been making,not a lot,just a little!

So we have agreed to compromise.

I will continue to 'tweak' the oliver+s patterns to make them a little more sophisticated and accept their colour choices and use of graphic prints.

They will concede that I know more about fabric quality then they do and accept that I have the final decision.

Their look can be funky and edgy but also must be age appropriate and have a semblance of modesty.

This is our first joint project-fine wool/poly/lurex knit soft as gossamer,with ruched sleeves.

I think she looks fabulous! Would I have chosen it? Probably not,but thats why it is a Compromise Dress.

The sleeves are simple to do-I am happy to blog if anyone is interested ......
Wish me luck?


  1. I think it's a good idea to do what you did and ask the girls what they like. I fell I have to remember this for my girls.
    Sofia's still small enough to like almost whatever I make her, but Isabel has started to have a lot of preferences.

    I agree, the dress is not what you usually make, but it looks lovely on her and I really like the sleeve detail. How did you make that?

  2. You really are a wonderful mother, Nicole! Very smart & wise

    Rosie's not always pleased with what I choose for her either - I try to let her pick fabrics etc and ask her opinion first - but she's still only 9 and I have serious reservations about many of the clothes her peers wear! She's just asked me for a style of top (bought!) that I do not like - we shall see...

    I'd like to see a blog of the sleeves too!

  3. Thank you both for your wonderful support!
    I sensed a mutiny brewing so I tried to head it off!
    The girls are nearly 12,at their age I was in a 10c bra and my mother was wanting me to wear frilly collar blouses!
    She was doing her best and thats what I am trying to do!
    At least I have two little girls who love all thing's pretty!
    I will happily do a blog on the sleeves,its simple but quite effective.
    PS-There is nothing in the shops for this age group!

  4. I agree with you there Nicole. The shops are useless.

    I have the added issue of having a 6 (almost 7) year old wearing the sizes made for 10 year olds - you can imagine. If it's inappropriate for a 10 yo - it's even more so for a (almost) 7 yo.

  5. I'd like to see a post on how to do the sleeves also. It looks like a fun touch to the dress! I don't even bother sewing for my almost 12 year old unless she approves the outfit/fabric. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard on an outfit and having it rejected.

    On that note, do you have a picture of one of the twins wearing the Ice Cream top/dress where you can clearly see it? I'd like to make K one but need to clear it with her and the pictures I saw in your photostream of your girls wearing it, they had scarves on. I don't dare show her pictures of little girls wearing it...she'll flat out refuse! Thanks Nicole!

  6. 1. I love the little one streaking through without a diaper. That reminds me of how my house is running while potty training the little one. 2. She looks fabulous. It's a funky and sophisticated look at the same time.

  7. I think the dress looks fabulous! Mine is only 2 and already has an opinion about EVERYTHING. I can only imagine what she will be like at 12. Gulp.

  8. She DOES look fabulous! How wonderful that you can work with your girls and continue to create awesome outfits for them. It's excellent that you can work on ensembles for them that are still cool but continue to be age-appropriate and classy.
    You're an inspiration.

  9. I am taking notes...wonderful job at averting the mutiny!

  10. [typed behind my tears of laughter at the cute baby bum running away in one of your photos]

    The dress is very cool, the ruching on the sleeves is very hip. I can't wait to see those girls in Lisette, though I can't imagine how they could possibly be more gorgeous than they already are!

  11. What gal wouldn't love a fabulous silver dress! Heck, I want one! Nice job all around--compromise and all.

  12. I don't think I've ever seen a transparent knit fabric. Interesting.
    She's really making it work with the tights and boots. Quite a trend setter!

  13. Thank you Girls!
    I have a girl home with a cold today Cindy,so I can do a photo shoot just for you! It will have to be on Sons smelly,sheepy camera,but I will do my best!
    Trust you to notice Johanna! I wasn't going to use that shot but you can't see her face and everyone loves a streaker.
    I am so glad you like the dress,we are heading into unchartered waters!

    Thank you Camille,you make a good point! I should be grateful they have been compliant for this long.
    Oh Jan,that means a lot to me,thank you so much! I run a fairly tight ship so I COULD insist they wear what I choose-but were is the fun in that? My friends daughters barely speak to them(and what they do say is so nasty its not worth repeating)making their clothes starts a conversation and it is amazing what 'sneaks' in,bullying at school,boy issues other worries .... all very easily. I really want to keep that line of communication open.
    Thank you Susanne,teenage girls=scary stuff!
    See,everyone DOES love a streaker! Thank you Karen,all this support is wonderful! I cannot wait until they fit Lisette!
    Thanks Jeanne,it is a gorgeous fabric that I purchased for my self,but I was making a point to the girls,that you can have a bit of sparkle in a tasteful way. It was worth the sacrifice!
    I sense a little disapproval Mel? We really did not notice the sheerness until it was photographed and as it has wool in it they find it a little prickly(not OUR wool obviously)so they will wear a singlet under it. Most of the time it will be worn with pants or jeans as a layered piece,so don't worry!

  14. Tweens and clothes, I do not look forward to that. My daughter is 4 so still easily led but I know her/my time will come.
    You know, when I saw the LISETTE line my first impression was that it was a natural O+S progression into more sophisticated teen designs -- the styles said cute young thing to me more than grown up woman. I can see how they would appeal to your twins right away

  15. The change comes quite quickly Icicle,one minute they LOVED everything,lots of smiles and jumping up and down. Then it was a simple 'Thats lovely Mummy'-and it was left in the cupboard.

    The Lisette patterns are very 'girly' but I really like that and as I tend to dress in black and neutrals I am not to worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
    I was so happy the twins liked them,lets hope they still will when they grow a bit more!
    Thank you for reading!

  16. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job communicating and handling their transition to womanhood.

    This dress is classy and funky...totally something I'd wear. And I love the ruched sleeves, what a nice addition.

    I'm adoring these photos too. Her serious modeling faces, her cheeky smile, little one running through the background. she's just beautiful. You and Jed are in BIG trouble.

    Great post!

  17. Oh thanks Jen!
    Mine was disaster-us! So I definitely have put some thought into it with my girls!
    Thanks for your lovely compliments,the photo shoots are great for their confidence.
    Jed and I are pretty strict,the girls in her class get a lot of freedom to do and say as they please and we struggle with that. So we try to make it up to them in other ways! Lots of family things now and more outings with friends when they are a little older and more prepared for peer group pressure!
    She is gorgeous and yes,daddy is getting worried!