Friday, March 18, 2011

Celebrate MY Boy!

Son&Heir hadn't had anything new for sometime and I wanted to sew a few more Oliver+S  outfits for him,before he grew out of their sizing.

I really like the Nature Walk top and pants but unfortunately the biggest sizes only just fit him.

Although designed to be made in woven fabric,for some ease,we decided to make it in City Weekend knit with scant 1/4 inch seams.

The pants are made from a red,stretchy denim. As comfortable as track pants,but a bit smarter.
I added width to pants piece and yoke as they did not allow for a older boys 'bits'.

Son&Heir is very much a shirt and trousers fellow,so I am very pleased to find a casual outfit he feels comfortable in.

To give it a sporty look I silk-screened EGLINGTON across the back yoke.

He really likes the lettering!
I think I spaced out the letters too much ..... oh ,well,I know for next time!

Taking Rupert for a Nature Walk.

This weekend I hope to enlarge the Sketch Book shirt again so I can make him a few more.
Son is very keen on the Modern Work Shop fabric.

I am very proud of my beautiful son.
Never more than when I read our latest school newsletter.

Now thats better then any gold cup!

Thanks for reading
x N


  1. S&H is very smart looking in his new duds! And what an honor to be recognized by the principal for his "winning" attitude. Mum should be proud!

  2. Handsome outfit on a handsome lad!
    Nice kudos from the headmaster. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, I always say.

  3. Thanks Cindy,I know I shouldn't boast,but I was so proud of him and so pleased to see 'being a good bloke' acknowledged.

    Oh Deb,that is such a nice thing to say and I was very pleased with the new headmaster.

    Thank you both,
    x n

  4. I said this on Flickr, but You really should be very proud of him.
    My only rule for the kids going to school was to be kind to others and not to join in any teasing of others. I wish I had benn slower to join in with teasing, because it was easier to join in than stand up against the bullies, and there were times when I was bullied and wished someone would have taken my side. Basically I wish kids were sounds like Son & Heir is! And there are more important things than winning.
    His outfit is lovely...your "bits" comment made me laugh...poor boy! I am hoping to make my son some Nature Walk pants soon. He needs trousers! Badly!

  5. It's not boasting at all to share your pride in your kid being a good-hearted person. It's so rare to see children admired and praised for showing strength of character, rather than for things like high marks, sports prizes, and so on (which are also wonderful, but more obvious, if you see what I mean). I agree with MyNorth, that is the kind of thing that you learn from your family. Obvious you've got a good one.

  6. A lovely post (about a lovely boy)- as usual!

  7. Don't apologize for boasting -- that is indeed front page news! Way to go. Everyone here is right, it reveals just as much about the good character of you and the rest of your family as it does about him. Sending a virtual high-five to you all!

  8. Thank you all so much!
    I was bullied terribly at school and ignoring them really didn't work. Since then I have always be terrified of my children bullying others,Millie.
    I have tried to teach them the difference between a bit of teasing and being nasty.
    Being polite and kind is far more important to me then perfect grades and gold cups,at least you know you can look at your self in the mirror.
    I participated in some bulling once,I think I was so relieved it wasn't me being picked on, I still think of that poor girl(they were only at our school for a term).
    I do think if we can admit our mistakes,say sorry and learn from them,surely that is the best example for children Sarvi.
    With a brood of five and a farm to work on,I get tired and yell and throw the odd school bag out on the lawn(never with a child attached although I have threatened)but I say sorry and tell them it is never good to loose your temper.
    I tell them to be better than me and not throw wobbly's(or school bags)

    That was a bit heavy! Sorry chaps!

    Thank you Camille,Justine and Susanne!
    I will admit it,I am just so proud of him!

    Thanks Girls