Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oliver+S for Mummy!

If you read my blog regularly(or even not so regularly)you will know that I am 'crazy in love' with oliver+S patterns. I have barely used another brand since finding them 12 months ago and as I have hundreds of patterns(no,I am not exaggerating) that says something in it self!

So,you can imagine my great excitement when I discovered the Lovely Liesl and Co were developing women's patterns.  Lisette patterns are everything I could have hoped for. Fun,cute but classic garments with that little whimsy that Ms Gibson does so well.

Sizing is a issue so I shall be making up a toile in each pattern with some lovely soft denim I purchased in bulk.
Today I made this The Portfolio Top and I am very pleased with the results!

I cut out the size 14,but after a comment from Liesl in the forum I did fit it before sewing the side seams. I am glad I did as it was a little full,so,starting at the sleeve edge,I took an extra 1/2 inch of the seam down to below the bust and then tapered it out to 1/4 inch extra off the seam allowance.

Next time I shall definitely make the 12 and If I make it in a stretch fabric I may go back to a 10(with tummy allowance).
I normally wear an AUS 10-12,so I hope that is a bit of help in choosing your size!

I really like this top in a solid as it has snappy features they would disappear in a patterned fabric. The curved yoke is very attractive and flattering to ones face. I did take a slightly greater seam allowance at the neck to lower the neckline,but afterwards I wished I hadn't.
It certainly didn't need it!
I substituted the dress cuffs to the top as well and I was very happy with those.

I think I could have nipped in the waist a little and I may try this with the dress.

However,the pattern is lovely and I am so enjoying sewing for me!



  1. Fantastic! The top looks absolutely gorgeous.
    My middle daughter (the twin) likes that pattern so I was waiting to see who made it in order to ask questions. Your construction description sure helped. DD#2 is quite busty (didn't get that trait from me)and for her, it's a worry what style will be flattering and not give her a 'uniboob' look. LOL!
    The top is most definitely flattering on you and with your permission, I shall e-mail one of your photos (glad you got a camera) so she can see how well it drapes.
    Again, you've done an outstanding job .... as you usually do!

  2. Thanks Deb!
    Feel free to use the photos!
    By the way,I reversed the attachment of the sleeve band and neck yoke. I stitched the inside seam first and tipstitched the outside,I always do that when possible.
    Thanks again for your compliments! It made my evening!

  3. It looks great on you. I love a denim/khaki combo!

  4. It looks fabulous, Nicole. How exciting to see you in the spotlight for a change! Can't wait to see how the other patterns turn out - mine still haven't arrived, but this is top of the list for when they do.

  5. Thank you Mel,I love sewing patterns for the children but I do prefer solids for my self and I think the lovely details in these patterns will be showcased in a plain fabric. Say Hi to your mum for me!

    Waiting is so hard Catherine!
    Son took the photo,It feels a bit wanky posing, but still fun! I' m glad I made this first as it is nice and quick to sew.

    X N

  6. The top is lovely Nicole. Like everyone says it's lovely to see you! Your comment above made me laugh ..."it feels a bit wanky posing"! That even made an Irish person blink!! I have never heard that before!
    I feel like we may be similar in shape. You have mentioned you are busty, lacking in the waist department, with a bit of a tummy...sounds like me. However I am bigger. I would love to try this tunic...I saw a lovely spotty grey cotton in my local shop. I am very unsure of the sizing. I normally wear a 14 in clothes, but in the size charts I am between 16 and a 20! I imagine the bigger size would be the one to go for.
    My vital statistics....39" bust. 34" waist. 40" hips. Scary when I write them! I am 5'5".
    Any suggestions?

  7. Looks so fab on Nicole! Now I want to run and start mine - but like you Millie, the size thing is scaring me.
    I usually wear a 12(AUS) but my bust is the same measurements as yours Millie - slightly smaller around the hips though. Wish I had a dressmakers' dummy...

  8. Thanks Millie,sorry to shock!
    My measurements put me in the 14,so thats what I made! I took a fair bit off the side seams at the bust and waist and it really needs more!
    I was making the dress in the 12 when Liesl suggested the fit looked fine,so I went back to the 14 but when I asked Jed what he thought of the top this morning,he answered ''Whens it due''? SO I have decided to make the 12 and fit,fit ,fit!
    In my opinion,I would make the 16(or 14) for yourself,it may look lovely and floaty on a super slim girl,but if you have curves you need some shape in a garment.
    That said,I wore it to a party tonight over a skivvy and received some lovely compliments,and it was very comfortable!
    I would really suggest a trial run in a similar type fabric,and I would suggest sizing down.
    Justine,I would recommend the same,make the 14(or12) and fit the side seams.
    I do use a mannequin,but I have to put a strapless bra stuffed with socks on her!
    I hope this is some help and I will keep you posted!

  9. Thanks Nicole for all the didn't shock, only surprised me!...there are not too many rude phrases or swear words that we Irish don't use daily!! Jed's response made me laugh!

  10. Oh thats good Millie,you had me worried there! I have tried to behave myself on my blog!

    Thank you Bella,or is it Shelley?