Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter Wardrobes for Little Ones

Have you ever had a friend who is so good and kind and sweet one has to be very careful not to take advantage of them?
Well that is my Missy L.
Obviously she winds up her siblings-thats every little girls job after all,but what ever I ask her to do the answer is always 'Yes Mummy' and she skips off to do it.

So,when it came time for her new clothes I wanted to make it special!
She desperately wants a blue silk School Photo dress,we had a look in the box room but all I had was a vivid cobalt in a heavy thai silk. I could tell it wasn't quite what she was after,so a quick search on E-bay found some vintage silk which was just what the Doctor ordered.
I was able to get some lining from the same lovely seller and some vintage taffeta to make a rustle worthy 2+2 skirt.

Big smiles from blue eyes!
Some little blouse were next.
A white Music Class blouse would be a necessity! Also a second in the lovely City Weekend fabric,Ice Cream Shop blue.
A 2+2 in City Weekend Tree Tops blue was chosen. Miss L loves the collection as much as I do.

Finally,a suit.
I had hidden this lovely piece of polished cotton sateen in creamy gold from the twins. When I presented it for inspection,there were squeals of joy,we both agreed it was perfect for a Sunday Brunch jacket and skirt.

A few pieces of corduroy went into her basket for trousers(if I have to have them,Mummy)in soft blues and creams. Possibly Sandbox Pants with velvet ribbons for the ties.

We had such fun,my bonnie girl and me!


  1. So, you have baskets for each of the kids that you put the fabric for their clothes you're going to sew in? Sounds like a good way to plan ahead.

  2. This is so sweet I nearly cried! What a day and what a doll! I cannot wait to see all her blue clothes!

  3. My family have become used to baskets of fabric and cutting in our home. If I put it away,I forget where I am,and it means I can do a bit when ever I have a few minutes.

    It was so sweet Mel,she is happy with anything,but delighted when she finds something special!

    Thank you

  4. Super organized. What a special collection of clothes you have planned - just for her. Very sweet!

  5. That all sounds wonderful! It sounds like she deserves every bit of it though. I can't wait to see all that you make.

  6. So fun, Nicole. She is a sweetie, isn't she?

  7. Thank you Susanne,I hope I get most of them made!

    She does Millie,she makes having 5 children a lot easier!

    That she is,I think I will keep her!

    Thank you
    x N