Saturday, March 26, 2011

There are days when we shouldn't sew .....

And I had one today!
I've not been well this week.
Neither has the baby.
High temps,sore throats,achey joints,
I should have stayed in bed.

I will cheer myself up.
I will make some pants.
Groovy Lisette Portfolio Pants!
I should have stayed in bed.

Size 14 measures perfect!
But that waist looks really big,
I will fit the waist and taper down,
I should have stayed in bed.

These pants sew up so quickly,
Zipper in,facings done!
Funny that waist was so big ... Oh bum!
I wish I stayed in bed!

Clearly written on the pattern,
NOTE:Pants are worn 1"below the waist.
Why didn't I stay in bed!

The finished pants are beautiful,
On the hanger,they are beautiful,
On me,Not so beautiful!
I'm going back to bed!


  1. Well they are beautiful. So sorry you haven't been well, or Little One. I think everyone has those days. Doesn't make you feel better about the pants, but at least you aren't alone. Hoping you all are feeling top notch very soon.
    Thinking of you both! Hugs.

  2. Thank you Mel,I just feel so silly!
    I always read the pattern so carefully,I must have just missed it. The pants are so nice and sew up very quickly,I will try again tomorrow!

  3. There's a children's story book that I used to read to my kids; 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day' by Judith Viorst. Do you know it?
    Anyway, in the story everything goes wrong all day long for Alexander. At the end of the book he is consoled by the thought that other people have bad days ....even in Australia.
    Guess Alexander was right.

  4. I DO know that book Deb,I have read it to many children in my nannying days,trying to read the page without taking a breath!
    Alexander was right!
    Still,I don't think they are going to be all better and fit me in the morning!

    He,he,Thanks Deb

  5. I'm so sorry they didn't fit. Our house doesn't function if Mommy is sick, so I'm sure things have been hard on both you and the kids. That's really crummy. I did a muslin on mine before hand because I could tell just looking at the pattern that I would need to move the hip pivot point to a more "petite" point, and once I did, it was an amazing fit.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Thank you Johanna,it was a bit silly of me to even try to sew!
    Luckily,these were a 'muslin' of sorts,and I decided to finish them any way.
    I love your pant so much and I am hoping they will be as equally flattering on me!
    I have cut out another pair,hopefully I don't muff these ones!

  7. Oh, I know how those days feel, Nicole! Get some rest and feel better. Sending hugs.

  8. Thank you Sandi.
    I ended up sending them to Mel
    xx N